Reunion Committee

This page documents Reunion Committee communications. We held another meeting on July 16 to discuss the various items.

Meetings are generally scheduled for 10 a.m. on the third Saturday of every odd month (e.g. January, March, etc.)

The next reunion committee meeting is scheduled for November 19, 2016 at 10 a.m. All classmates are welcome to attend or call. The location for meetings is Jessup Group PC office; 15 Capital Avenue NE - Suite 100 (corner of Capital and State Street); Battle Creek, MI 49017; Phone 269-963-6090. If you are unable to attend, but wish to participate via conference call, the call in number is: +1 (866) 316-1519  access code: 762569#. Please feel free to participate.
The dates of meetings we've held are:   11/01/14, 12/06/14, 01/17/15, 02/21/15, 03/14/15, 04/18/15, 05/16/15, 06/06/15, 07/11/15, 08/08/15, 08/22/15, 10/3/15, 11/14/15, 01/16/16, 03/19/16, 07/16/16.

If you'd like to read the minutes of ALL meetings, click here:  All Meeting minutes

If you'd like to read the latest budget information, click here: Budget NOW . 
If you'd like to read the previous budget information, click here: BUDGET 09/2015 .

Our fearless leader and the classmate providing a significant amount of coordination is Steve Jessup.

Another significant role is our treasurer, Annette Evans (Zalner).

Other members are divided by their role in events or other tasks. These are as follows:

Friday night Ice-Breaker. Kathy Fuld (Ward).

Saturday BCCHS school tour. Judith Cole (Williamson).

Saturday night "Oh, What a Night" event. Carole Terry (Morgan).

Sunday Golf outing. Bill Ragla, Nate McNeal, Jackie Blackmar (Stults).

Sunday informal brunch. Steve Jessup.

Hospitality. Martha Hoffman, Linda Sheffield (Jettner), Pat Haley (Ouding).

Obituary page coordinator. Bob Eadler.

Outreach to new classmates. Bob Eadler, Lorraine Bundy (Thurber-Fernlund), Kay Kindy (Gleeson), Harry Schills, Suzy Haughey (Arnold), Arnie Williams, Sue Lambeth (Kellay), Karen Tedrow (Sierks), Sharon Tedrow (Baylis), Kathy Mills (Brunk), Don von Chawes.

Other members are: Sandi Moffitt, Janet Edwards (Oursler), Robert Deaton, Georgia Mihalakis (Boyce), Fred Gibby.

Website coordination. Mike Doyle.