Birthday Replies

Lorraine Bundy (Thurber-Fernlund) has been working diligently since December, 2015 to create a birthday greeting that she sends to classmates on their birthday. In the first couple months she sent almost two dozen e-cards to those of you turning another year older. The birthday greeting is a way to extend our best wishes and thoughts for your birthday, but also to ask classmates to reply with any updates or changes they have to their contact information. Any and all replies are greatly appreciated, especially those that contain news and updates to your lives.

Jimmy Emory, our BCCHS65 logo resident artist/designer, creates some beautiful new artwork each year that is part of the birthday e-card you'll receive. You will be amazed and delighted when you receive it.

Suzy Haughey (McGee) is sending classmates without Internet access an actual paper birthday card using snailmail.   For those classmates this may be the only way for them to hear from their classmates. 

Thank you to Lorraine, Jimmy and Suzy!

Here are replies we have received from classmates.

The most current entries now at the TOP..........oldest is December 20, 2015 !


Mike Nogrady, 1/6/24

Still kicking

Deboraha Burgess (Sallee), 1/1/24

"GOD" Morning.

Hello. Thank you for the beautiful Birthday Card. I truly appreciated it.

My Love Emoji and God's Grace Emoji

Deboraha Lee Sallee {Burgess}

John Jacobs, 12/30/23

All is super well . I am blessed

Annette Evans (Zalner), 12/29/23

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.  Hugs

Roland Korp, 12/28/23

Thanks classmates for the birthday wishes, hope things are well with you all! Things are going well here

Sue Mitchell (Davis), 12/27/23

Great to hear from you.  I am ok

Susan Myers (Brooks), /23

Thank you so much for my birthday greetings!    
I am looking forward to a great day!                    Sue

Carole Terry (Morgan), 12/15/23

Hi.  Thank you for all you do.  

Carol Lindsley (Campbell), 12/9/23

Thank you for the birthday greeting!   I’m still here and partially retired. Hope to make it to one of the luncheons and reconnect with some old acquaintances..

Michael King, 12/6/23

77 on the 7th! How great is that? Looking forward to an incredible 2024! Thx for remembering. 
Michael King

Linda Beers (Aydlott), 12/4/23

Hi Folks!  Thanks so much for the Birthday remembrance.  I had a great day celebrating my 77 mile marker.  All good here in Northern Michigan.  Peace to all and please VOTE.  Thank You!!  

Robert Hatton, 11/30/23

All good

Sharon Maltby (Bevier), 11/28/23

We are doing well.

Jeffrey Brackett, 11/27/23

Thank you.  Still hanging in there at 77.        Jeff

Thomas Postma, 11/27/23

Heading to Daytona bch for a week. Over looking the ocean looking for dolphins and relaxing might play some pickleball .

Doug Pattullo, 11/25/23

Thanks for the birthday note.  Still doing ok for an old person!

Linda Crowell (Madrid), 11/22/23

Thank you for the Birthday wishes but my birthday is Nov. 15

Jane Ballard (McCracken), 11/21/23

Still vertical, taking nurishment, and hoping to stay this side of the grass for another year.  Merci, for the birthday wishes.

Kathy Mills (Brunk), 11/14/23

In the words of Jimmy Buffet….”Life is good.  Bubbles up!”

Bill Deskins, 11/11/23

Thank you for the birthday card, Nancy and I are still hanging out with Micky and Minnie here in Orlando. with our 8 grand and soon to be 4 greats.

Linda Pennock (Brott), 11/9/23

Hi Bearcats. THANKS πŸ˜Š 

Terry Bond, 11/7/23

Thanks for the Birthday greetings!  Much appreciated for sure.  Still doing fine here in Chesapeake, Va, and still playing with old cars.  I enjoy keeping tabs on the Class of 65 so a big thanks to everyone involved in keeping the website up-to-date.  It keeps the memories alive.                Terry

Michael MacDonald, 10/25/23

BCCHS Birthday Greeting Crew. 
It has been a good year overall.  My wife and I are continuing to enjoy all the wonderful opportunities life has to offer.  
So sorry to see the notices through the year of those we have lost. Thanks to whomever keeps everyone informed and thanks for remembering my birthday.  

Carlos Morton, 10/14/23

I'm doing good and you? Currently teaching Shakespeare in Nanjing, China!
Today I turned 76 yrs old.
C Morton

Lory Woods (Jenkins), 10/14/23

Hi guys. Thanks for the birthday wishes. I’m doing well. Sorry I don’t live closer so I could attend some lunches. Memories of all. Lory

Kay Kindy (Gleeson), 10/13/23

Thank you for the Birthday wishes.  Enjoyed my summer in the UP.  I am in remission after most of the year being treated for cancer.  All three granddaughters are in college. None at University of Michigan.  Still hunting the auroras.  Saw them in my camera but not with naked eyes.   Hoping you all have another good trip around the sun. 

Dan Bishop, 10/6/23

All is well. Enjoying my family, the great outdoors and counting my blessings of being able to still enjoy the great outdoors. Best wishes to the Bearcat Nation.

Robert Eadler, 10/3/23

All is well with me. About 3 ½ hours to go to my birthday; I’ll probably be asleep when it arrives.

Woodii Carr, 9/29/23

I'm Good! Check me out on Facebook...Mercy!

Gayle Bonifer (Duncan), 9/27/23

Hello Class of ‘65,
All is well here!  Still playing golf at least twice a week.  Going to the Grandchildren’s activities, and enjoying every bit of it.
Very blessed to be celebrating 76 years!  
Sending best wishes to all my classmates!
Gayle Bonifer Duncan

Lois Reynolds (Janson), /23

Thank you for the birthday greetings. All is well and trundling along.

Gerald Winton, 9/20/23

Thank you !!!!

Joe Blythe, 9/18/23

Thank you for the card. It was well appreciated!!!!

John Burrill, 9/17/23

Yup, still here thankfully. Happily retired! 

Steven Maifert, 8/30/23

Hi. Thanks for thinking of me. All good here in San Diego. Steve

Bob Slocum, 8/29/23

Life is good! Thanks.

Shari Rarick (Gysel), 8/25/23

Thank you for the Grrr-eat Birthday Wish.   All is well and still dancing along.  
God's Blessings,

Jimmy Emory, 8/17/23

YES IT DID ARRIVE....thank you boo-coo much!  Mr. Priest made for a fitting model!

Thomas Lusk, 8/13/23

The Birthday Card is MAAAHVELOUS, Thank You πŸ™ !!!  By the way, I’m fit as a fiddle, ready to play, if I was any better I’d be twins!

Harry Schill, 8/6/23


Sondra Buckner, 8/5/23

Thank you for the BD greetings a day early😻. I am still enjoying my life in the sunny Charleston area!  My time is spent with my daughter and granddaughter and simply enjoying the many blessings God has given me.

Sandi (moffitt) Buckner

Sandy Berry, 8/2/23

I did, thanks!  It’s so nice to be remembered!

Liza Myers (Donoghue), 7/28/23

Yes, I received my BCCHS65 birthday card.     Thank you very much.
Liza      (Myers now Donoghue!)
NOTE from Mike Doyle. check her website here. 

Sue Middleton (Dodge), 7/23/23

Thank you, Bearcats, for the special birthday card.   

We are in good health,  but sweltering here in Phoenix like so much of the world at the moment.  
Jim and I married in 1971 and moved from Saginaw to Phoenix in 1976.  We raised two sons and a daughter who still live in the neighborhood.   And we are the proud grandparents of a 12 year old boy and a 9 year old girl. 
I get to see her every day as I am working at her school as an instructional assistant .
I decided to go back to work last year after being retired from teaching for the previous 8.  
And our district just went to a year round schedule .  We started school last Wednesday.  It was 117.  Yikes! Thank goodness for air conditioning.
I have so many wonderful memories of BCCHS.   Great times and really good friends, some who have passed on. 
I am grateful to the crew that has kept this site going for all these years .   You have done an outstanding job. And you still get together for lunch! Just amazing.   I wish I could join you.  

Gail Peterson (Tucker), 7/17/23

I did (receive the card) and Thank  you

Nathaniel McNeal, 7/17/23


Thanks for the “Bearcat Birthday Greeting”. Sometimes it feels weird if I start thinking about how old I am. However I am thankful to be able to celebrate my 76th birthday.

Wishing everyone good health and peace . . . πŸŽ©


John Burdick, 7/15/23

thanks i am still on the green side

Marlene Schimmel (Kershaw), 07/09/23

Yes, I’m alive and well at my cottage in Canada. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and the birthday wishes.   

Jim Dobbs, 06/23/23

Thank you for the birthday greeting!  Yup still on top of the dirt!  Hard to believe that just 60 short years ago i turned 16!  I now have 9 grandkids and 5 great grandkids.   

One of my horn students just left for summer camp at Notre Dame and another recently graduated from U of M.  Maybe one of these days one will go to State.  

Too hot in Texas at the moment…thinking of heading north for the summer.  

On Ye Bearcats!

Jim Dobbertin 

Alice Nelson Brown, 06/13/23

Got it, thanks! I'm doing great at 76!  My birthday was a blast!  Thankful for good health and loved the card you sent! Alzy (Alice)

Patti Dix Jones, 06/12/23

Thanks so much for birthday wishes.   They are appreciated. I’m doing well.  No health issues,  but thankful for every new day. πŸ™ We’ve lost so many. 
Hope everyone has a good summer. Patti

Ron White, 06/4/23

Things are great for us.  I work full time as Spiritual Care Advisor for Hospice of Michigan and  Nona [my wife] continues using her teaching degrees for Traverse City schools.  We are active and enjoying life.  Will celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary later this summer.

Mary Esterline Sherwood, 06/4/23

Thank you for me birthday wishes.

Ken Gregory, 06/3/23

Still kickin’; living in Panama City beach FL; thanks for the birthday wishes

Linda Watson Aalto, 05/24/23

Thank you for the Bearcat Birthday Greetings.  It was a quiet birthday working in the yard moving soil to fill in mole and vole damage in the yard.  

Marva Copeland Chambers, 05/23/23

Another mark on the calendar for a year of memories and a good life

Steve Healy, 05/19/23

yup still here. thanks everybody    steve

Frances Williamson Folsom, 05/10/23

Got it! 

Colleen Teer Austin, 04/27/23

Thanks for the birthday greeting!
My husband passed away last August after 50 years of marriage.  Living in Florida for the last 23 years.  Will be coming to Michigan for part of the summer.

Nancy Walkinshaw Damoose, 04/26/23

Thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes. Who ever thought we’d actually be looking at 76 straight in the face one day?  I mean, isn’t a number like that reserved for old people? But when your life is as full as mine is, who can possibly complain. 
Thanks again.  Nancy

Rick Campbell, 04/20/23

Rick Campbell is doing well at the old folks home in Zionsville, In. Thanks much for the the annual greeting. Hope all Bearcats are doing well!

Thomas Munger , 04/16/23

All good down here in beautiful western NC mountains, thank You Jesus and thank you Bearcats for the greeting!😎

Larry Priest, 04/13/23

Thanks so much for the Birthday greeting.  I hope that all of you enjoy a happy, fun filled and satisfying year.

Martha Hoffman, 04/11/23


Love it!   Thanks for the happy birthday wishes. I'm at work with some of my fave Sherwin-Williams peeps. Life is good. Lotsa love to all, Martha Jane

Carol Shipman Rowell, 04/11/23

How can we possibly be this old! Only by God's grace, for sure! Thanks for the birthday wishes. Old friends are definitely the best!
It's always nice to get greetings from classmates!  Thanks a bunch!

Sandy Adams, 04/10/23

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.

Robert Humbarger, 04/8/23

Got it, thanks!

VickiePacker Post, 04/07/23

Thank you so much it hardly seems possible that I will be 76 time flies. 

Gail Brown Penty, 03/31/23

Thanks for the birthday wish!   ---Gail.

Linda Bucklin, 03/29/23

Thank you for the birthday thoughts, had some back surgery but taking it one day at a time.

Jim Vogel, 03/20/23

Thank you for the e-card, Bearcats. I want you to know that I am retired from teaching at South Haven Public Schools (1970-2006) and now live in Paw Paw. I enjoy reading, listening to oldies, and playing tennis and pickleball.

Arnold Williams, 03/17/23

Hi. Doing fine. Thanks for remembering and checking in with me on my birthday.  Arnie

Melanie Douglas, 03/12/23

Received, thank you. 

Richard Stevens, 02/28/23

Still Kickin'.....Enjoying the good life with walleye fishing and 11 Grandkids.  Stop by for a beer (or lemonade at our age) in Loveland on your way to Rocky Mountain Natl Park

Georgia Mihalakis Boyce, 02/25/23

georgia m boyce

Bill Ragla, 02/22/23

Yes.  I am still here and fortunate to have friends and family around who are willing to celebrate with me.  Thank you, Bearcats,  for the birthday wish.

Lynne Secor Hansen, 02/21/23

Still around, enjoying Florida sunshine, friends and family.  Thank you for the birthday good wishes.

Carolyn Williams Jeffers, 02/20/23

Hi, thank you for the birthday greeting.  I am well and enjoying the last couple weeks of our winter stay in Florida.  Life is good β£οΈ

Annette DeLing Hack, 02/19/23

Hey you FOXY Bearcats…this is FAR OUT.. GROOVY.. OUT OF SIGHT… I DIG IT!  Life is just a GAS!  Well, some days are MELLOW others are A BUMMER.  YOU CAN BET YOUR SWEET BIPPY!  TIME TO SPLIT.  SLUG BUG.. NO SLUG BUGS BACK.

Judith Williamson, 02/12/23


Thank you everyone for thinking of me. Can’t believe it’s #76. What a blessing.😊
Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known GOD! 

Michael Green, 02/11/23

THANK YOU, Thank you for the Birthday wishes fellow Bearcats. Bob Hope once said, "You know you're getting old when the candles cost more than the cake." 

I don't think I'm quite there yet.

Michael Conklin, 02/04/23

Love it! 

Linda Merrill Jansen, 02/04/23

Love it! 

James Barlow, 02/01/23

Thanks for the greetings!  Planning a vacay to DisneyWorld this May with a grandchild.  Other than that hibernating in this arctic weather we are having now. 


Stephen Jessup, 01/21/23

I did receive your birthday greeting and thanks so much for it. 
I had a nice 2022 ( including a great class reunion and many Bearcat lunches). 
Still motoring on and looking forward to a good 2023. 


Yvonne Yochim Readman, 01/18/23

Hi!  I am still around and doing well!  It is nice to be remembered :)

Craig Andrina, 01/16/23

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Just letting you know that I received the "card" and that I'm doing OK for an old duffer!

Mike Nogrady, 01/06/23

Still kickin’ !.

John Jacobs, 01/05/23

All is well.

Susan Myers Brooks, 12/18/22

Thank you so much for my e-card.  I am doing well.

Jackie Blackmar Stults, 12/27/22

Very nice! Thank you

Roland Korp, 12/27/22

Received, thank you. Thanks again for the Bearcat Birthday wishes! Hope all is well with you fellow Bearcats.

Michael King, 12/06/22

Things are great in Arizona although I’m still in denial about being 76! How did that happen? My two oldest sons, in their fifties, keep reminding me! Merry Christmas to all!

Linda Beers Aydlott, 12/03/22

Gosh folks!  Thank you for this kind e-card.  I appreciate your kind thoughts and good wishes.  Blessings to you as well.
Linda Beers Aydlott  ´¨*•ΰΉ‘.β’πŸ’œ.❒๑•*´¨*•βˆβœ§•*´¨*•ΰΉ‘ 

Jeff Brackett, 11/27/22

Thanks for the greeting!
All’s well here at 76 and still counting!
Best to all.

Deboraha Burgess Sallee, 11/27/22

I did, thanks! What a pleasant surprise. I was not expecting this from my Bearcat Family. I truly appreciate it.

I will print this card and acknowledge it with my family on my 75th birthday tomorrow, Sunday November 27, 2022.  Thank you again.

In Unity and God's Grace,

Deboraha L. Sallee {Burgess}

269.968.1072 {Home}  269.317.7139 {Cell}          grrr-eat!

Jane Ballard McCracken, 11/20/22

Many thanks for the birthday wishes.  Here, in the Creek, we just had a three day, lake effect snow event.  Battle Creek received twenty inches.  I grew tired of shoveling!  LOL

Georganne Bunn Dougherty, 11/16/22

Thank you for remembering me.  We spent four days in Vegas with our kids and WOW was it fun.  They treated us to one of my favorite all time singers Barry Manilow show at Westgate.  It was so much fun!   Hoping everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and holiday season.   .  Georganne   

Linda Madrid, 11/14/22

Hi,Thank you for your Birthday wishes.

Linda Pennock Brott, 11/09/22

Very nice! Thank you so much

Elizabeth Desdunes, 11/11/22

Thank you for My birthday greeting
I am doing very well I want to say hi to all my classmates

Bill Deskins, 11/10/22

Received.Thanks for the birthday card. Nancy and I are doing well, spending time with our 8 grandkids and 3 great grandkids. We are still in Orlando for 35 years, 

Kathy Mills Brunk, 11/03/22

All is well.  Thanks for the wishes. K

Terry Bond, 11/06/22

Thanks for the birthday greetings Always nice go keep getting these. Hopefully, many more coming too!

Suzanne Haughey Arnold, 11/06/22


Michael MacDonald, 10/25/22

Thank you for the birthday card!  Appreciate it.

Thomas Janson, 10/25/22

75 years, oh my!

George Young (Bolen), 10/24/22

I want to let you know how much I appreciate the card Mike. I'm sorry that I haven't made it to any of lunch, but I will try to make it soon. Again thank you so very much.

Diann Gonyer Johnson, 10/16/22

Thank you do much for the birthday wishes.  Another trip around the sun!  Where did the time go?!?

Donna Rice VanNatta, 10/15/22

Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes. We are enjoying the good life in Granbury Texas, on the lake.

Carlos Morton, 10/14/22

Thanks, currently in Gdansk, Poland seeing a new play of mine produced in Polish!

Kathy Neilsen Pross, 10/14/22

Thank you.  Living in Texas & doing Grr eat!   

Kay Kindy Gleeson, 10/13/22

Thank you for the Birthday Card.  It will be a quiet day. I am between chemo treatments. Hoping to be done in December.   Missed our UP summer. Hoping to be back there next summer where we enjoy all the wildlife.   Kay

Bob Davidson, 09/25/22

Yes still alive after 3/4 of a century. 
Feeling blessed and grateful. 
Much more to accomplish and enjoy.
Thank you

Daniel Bishop, 10/05/22

Thanks much. Blessings to all Bearcats!   

Robert Eadler, 10/03/22

Hello, I’m doing okay. Thanks for the well-wishes.   

Gayle Bonifer Duncan, 09/27/22

Thank you for the Bearcat Birthday Greeting.
All is well with our family in California.
I hope all members of the Class of ‘65 are still going strong!
Looking forward to pictures from the recent reunion!

Linda Kay Culp, 09/26/22

Hello, I am 75 today and well.  Thanks for checking on me.   

Gerald Winton, 09/20/22

Thanks Y’all ! Doing just fine , I am blessed !   

Joe Blythe, 09/17/22

Thank you for the greeting!!!!   

John Burrill, 09/16/22

Thank you for the good wishes.   

Donna Rice VanNatta, 08/31/22

I love this very happy uplifting greeting

Carl Milks, 08/28/22

Thanks Everyone We again had to cancel our joint BD party because of Covid in our community, but it could be so much worse. 

Robert Slocum, 08/28/22

Very nice!    

Linda Fulcher, 08/21/22

Love it! ..  

Jimmy Emory, 08/17/22

Well hi.......seriously, you need not remind me that I'm getting older with each passing year.  The thrill of becoming older every year ended once I obtained my drivers license! (haha)  But it is nice to be remembered.... Thank You  

Harry Schill, 08/05/22

Thanks for the shoot out. All is good here.   

Sondra Moffitt Buckner, 08/04/22

Thank you for the birthday wish!
I am thankful every day.
Enjoy the reunion!

Steve Wirth, 08/02/22

Thanks for the birthday wishes

Carol Berry Monette, 08/02/22

Thank you for acknowledging my August 3rd birthday.  I share it with my twin sister, Sandy Berry.   

Jill Sines Mason, 07/08/22

Thanks so much for the birthday card.  I had a wonderful day!         Jill Mason

Nathaniel McNeal, 07/16/22

It’s always good to receive the “Bearcat Birthday Greeting” . . .  thank you. 

My health is decent (for our age) and I hope to see some of the classmates at the Friday night “Welcome Mixer” on August 26.  

Wishing everyone good health and peace . . . πŸ˜Ž





Kathy Fuld Ward, 07/09/22

Thank you so much.  I appreciate the good wishes.            Kathy

 Patricia Dix Jones, 06/13/22

Thank you for birthday wishes !  Yes, happy to still be celebrating πŸ₯³ here on earth with so many others already gone. 

I have had a very blessed life. GOD is good. .   

Alice Nelson Brown, 05/27/22

Very nice! See you all soon. 

Thomas Dunkelberger, 06/04/22

Hey Guys, It's been a while.  Living in Holland, these days.  Look me up if you are in town.  Thanks for the Birthday wishes and God Bless,

Tom D.


Cynthia Richards Wallace, 06/03/22

Thanks very much for your birthday greeting today!

Patricia Schumaker Hames, 06/01/22

Thank You

Linda Watson Aalto, 05/23/22

Thank you for the Bearcat Birthday Greetings!  It is hard to believe I am 75! To work off the extra calories from the many birthday brownies my daughter sent me, I shall spend much of the day with a mattock in the backyard trying to remove the invasive Asian honeysuckle bush trying to reclaim my backyard.  

Marva Copeland Chambers, 05/23/22

Birthdays seem to come too fast and close together.  Glad to be celebrating a 75th. 

Steve Healy, 05/19/22

still here thanks to everyone. Steve

Dan Elliott, 04/15/22

I should finally just say Hi.  Dorothy, my wife, Cora my mistress, (otherwise known as our dog) and I just returned from a near two week motorhome vacation in Southern Indiana and Illinois state parks.  After two years of Covid sequestration, Zoom meetings and conferences, it was great to finally vacation again. Monday, however, I am due at our Rural Partners of Michigan annual conference for the first live event of RPM in the Covid era.  My City Council term in Evart ends in November and I DO NOT INTEND to seek re-election.  It will be more than 55 years of public service and time for this 75 year old to ask the youngon’s to attend all those night meetings.  Perhaps I can finally play in my woodshop.  In addition to Rural Partners board membership, the Osceola League for the Arts and Humanities also keeps me busy -  until someone plants me in the ground.

Colleen Teer Austin, 04/25/22

Thanks for the birthday greetings.
Where has all the time gone?
I retired from nursing at Battle Creek Health System at age 53.
My husband and I have lived in Florida for 22 years.
I was able to come to the 50th reunion and really enjoyed seeing my classmates.


Thomas Munger, 04/15/22

Thanks guys it was great and another day in the beautiful western NC mountains to praise the Lord!!!😎

Victoria Packer Douglas, 04/08/22

Hi thanks for the birthday wishes. 

Carol Shipman Rowell, 04/10/22

It's nice to know fellow Bearcats care about each other! I wasn't the most social one of the class, but I certainly cherish the memories and friendships made in the halls of BCCHS. Thanks for the 75th birthday wishes! God bless you, each one!

Martha Hoffman, 04/10/22

Wow! What a great way to wake up to the first day of my 76th trip around the sun! Thanks! Best wishes to all who share this day with me.

Robert Humbarger, 04/08/22

Thanks for the Birthday wish.

Sandy  Briggs Adams, 04/06/22

Very nice!  Thanks so much.

i'm happy to still be here also.😊

Linda Armanini Bucklin, 03/30/22

Hi to all and a big thank you to all

Glenn Yarger, 03/18/22

Thank you so very much!

Melanie Morris Douglas, 03/12/22

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  Enjoying the day here in Clearwater, FL with my daughters and grandsons.  

Carol Williams Jeffers, 02/21/22

Thank you for the birthday greeting❣️ Fred and I are in Florida enjoying our winter get away and enjoying a visit from our daughters.  Life is good I am blessed to still be making these trips around the sun❣️

Annette Deling Hack, 02/20/22

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  75 USED TO sound SOOOO OLD!  Now, that I’m there... IT IS OLD!!  Made some major changes to our lives.  We sold our home & tons of STUFF...  moved back to Grand Rapids from near Ludington.  Nearby all our doctors & family.   

Judith Cole Williamson, 02/13/22

A great big  Bearcat thank you. 75 big ones!   

Lorraine Bundy Thurber, 02/07/22

I sent this birthday greeting to myself, even though I wrote it and send it to everyone else.

I am thankful for the opportunity to serve my classmates.

I had a great 75th birthday celebration with friends and family.   

Michael Conklin, 02/05/22

Thank you for the birthday greeting!  

Florence Connell Smith, 01/30/22

Thanks for the bday wish. very thoughtful.     florence connell smith  

Linda Merrill Jansen, 01/27/22


Stephen Jessup, 01/22/22

Thanks.  Looking forward to a great day. πŸ˜Š

Yvonne Yochim Readman, 01/19/22

Hi! I am still here :) and doing well.  Thanks for the bd greetings!         Yvonne

Nikki Pugh Broadwell, 1/7/22

Hey everyone! Thanks for remembering my day!!😊

Jackie Blackmar Stults, 12/28/21

Thank you.  I had a wonderful birthday. 

Roland Korp, 12/27/21

Received, thank you. It’s always nice to have a birthday at this time of life.

SueAnn Mitchell Davis, 12/27/21

Thank you 

Darlene McClure Campbell, 12/21/21

Thanks so much for the BD wishes & reminding me that I am a quarter of a century old (lol). I was born in 1946. Merry Christmas to you all!

Susan Myers Brooks, 12/19/21

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  

Barb Wisner Rickman, 12/14/21

Thank you for the birthday good wishes.  It’s hard adjustIng to being 3/4ths of a century old!  Merry Christmas to the class of ‘65!

Barb Wisner Rickman

Carol Lindsley Campbell, 12/5/21

Thanks for the birthday wishes!  Btw I was born in 1946 not 1947. Happy Holidays to all my classmates,,

Linda Beers Aydlott, 12/3/21

Thank you so much.  I appreciate your kind thoughts.  Happy Holidays to all. 

Jeffrey Brackett, 11/26/21

Hello and Thank You!  BTW, I was born in 1946.  


Doug Pattullo, 11/24/21

Many thanks for the birthday greeting!  This year my birthday falls on Thanksgiving.  Hope all of my classmates enjoy a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day holiday!!

Georganne Bunn Dougherty, 11/16/21

Love it!  I was so disappointed when our reunion was cancelled again.  Hopefully we can get together again.  Rick and I are doing great, still travelling and having fun despite the pandemic.Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Our best to everyone. Georganne and Rick.

Elizabeth Johnson Desdunes, 11/12/21

Thank You.

Jim Wilcox, 11/9/21

Very nice! A kind gesture to all of us

Linda Pennock Brott, 11/9/21

Very nice! Thank you.

Suzanne Haughey McGee, 11/7/21

Hello,  Thanks for the greeting.

Terry Bond, 11/7/21

Thanks. Great to hear from BCCHS again. Looking forward to many more.


Dale Wright, 10/28/21

Hi thank you 

George Young (AKA George Bolen), 10/25/21

I just want to thank you so very much for the birthday wishes. I can't tell you how many times I have thought of those high school days. Sometime please give me a call. (616)606-2832.



Demetra Williamson Berry, 10/26/21

Thank you for the Birthday Greeting, I appreciate it. 

Diann Gonyer Johnson, 10/17/21

Thank you so much for the great birthday wishes.  

Donna Rice Van Natta, 10/16/21

Thank you so very much!

Enjoying retirement in Texas. Life is good, healthy and doing well.

Kay Kindy Gleeson, 10/14/21

Thank you for the card. We are enjoying the colors of fall in the UP.   Soon we will snowbird in Sterling Heights.   Hoping to see the northern lights in Norway next year.  We were sent home in 2020 and canceled in 2021. 

Carlos Morton, 10/15/21

Thanks for the greeting --
Currently in Krakow, Poland teaching classes in theater at the Jagiellonian University, recently "retired" but still enjoying travel and part-time work.

Betty Lou Newton, 10/10/21


Bob Eadler, 10/4/21

Thank you for the birthday wishes. Grateful every day for the sunrise, family and friends!

Ron Mathis, 9/29/21

Thank you. Much appreciated. Onward for another year.

Gayle Bonifer Duncan, 9/28/21

Thank you for the birthday wish!

Bob Davidson, 9/26/21


So sorry we were not able to have our reunion this Fall. The latest predictions seem to indicate the worst of the pandemic may be behind us soon.

All stay safe and looking forward to a great class reunion next summer. 

Hopefully we can all interact in a normal friendly human manor by then, without masks, distancing, etc.

Bob Davidson

John Burrill, 9/17/21

Very nice!

Jeff Gibson, 9/6/21

1965 Bearcats,   Thank you for the Birthday wishes. πŸŽ‚ Nice to still be vertical. πŸ₯‚

Daniel Bishop, 9/6/21

A big thank you for birthday greetings from North Central Wisconsin.  

Carl Milks, 8/28/21

I'm happy to be able to celebrate another birthday. We had to cancel the potluck party again this year because of Covid, but that meant that I got to sail Puff here at the lake this morning. 

Shari Rarick Gysel, 8/26/21

Thank you for the birthday wishes.   Hope to see you in Sept   πŸ₯³ Shari

Linda Fulcher, 8/22/21

You are so sweet, thank you! 

Cynthia Dorband, 8/19/21

Thank you. 

Jimmy Emory, 8/18/21

Still capable of getting vertical when getting out of bed every morning....Lot to be said for just being able to do that!  Every day's a holiday...every meal's a banquet!

Dorothy Williams, 8/15/21


Thomas Lusk, 8/14/21

What a very nice BIRTHDAY wish, THANK YOU! From me to All of You, THANK YOU!

Harry Schill, 8/9/21

Thanks for the wishes. All is good here.

Sandy Berry, 8/3/21

Thanks for the birthday greeting fellow Bearcats!

Liza Myers Donoghue, 7/28/21

Thank you Bearcats.  I shall never forget my exchange student year at BCCHS.  I wear my graduation ring all the time.  It never comes off!    Best wishes,

Liza   (Donoghue nee Myers)  from Bristol, UK

Nathaniel McNeal, 7/17/21

Hello, it’s always nice get the “Bearcat Birthday” greeting. I remember when the thought of turning 74 years old seemed to be so far away however now it seems as if it happened so fast, where did the time go? Health is still good for someone our age. I have no plans to be in BC in September for the reunion. Hopefully traveling will get better in time for a 2022 reunion .

Brian Worgess, 7/14/21

Hi to all the Bearcats out there!

Kathy Fuld Ward, 7/10/21

Thank you!    Kathy

Ken Leche, 6/25/21

Thank you so very much.

Jane Post Ellis, 6/20/21

Thank you!  HI to all.

Patti Dix Jones, 6/13/21

I’ve had a simply wonderful birthday week. 

My daughter, Marci, had a big celebration this weekend, with my 4 grandkids there. 

Today, June 13th, I was 74. My life is going great and I’m very blessed. 

Tom Dunkelberger, 6/8/21

Thanks for remembering.  At 74,  I'd like to say I'm not counting any more.  More that likely, I just forget

Alice Nelson Brown, 6/8/21

Love it! You are so sweet. Thank you so much. 

Mary Esterline Sherwood, 6/3/21

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

Dave Tooley, 5/10/21

Hi!  I know I'm slow, but thanks for the birthday wishes.

Dave Tooley

Colleen Teer Austin, 4/25/21

Hi,  Thank you from the sunny state of Florida. I keep wondering where the years have gone.

I'm glad so many of our class are still enjoying life.


Matthew Buynoski, 4/22/21

Still hanging in there :-)   Not much to report; retirement is comfortable but not conducive to interesting events.

Richard Campbell, 4/20/21

Thanks for the greeting, and thanks, Pfizer! 

Thomas Munger, 4/16/21

Thanks guys, doing great down here in paradise (western Carolina mountains) enjoying Creation and lovin Jesus!!!😎

Mamie Cright Johnson, 4/15/21

Thank you so very much!

I had a blessed  74th birthday.

Dan Elliott, 4/15/21

Thanks for the reminder that we are all getting older.  Dorothy and I are still in Evart, Michigan and doing well despite another birthday.

Larry Priest, 4/13/21

Thanks, so much. Hope everyone is doing well.

Martha Hoffman, 4/12/21

Loved all my birthday greetings. Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts

Robert Humbarger, 4/8/21

Thank you. I am having a great birthday with my very best friend and lover of almost 50 years.

Claudia Elwell Finerty, 4/8/21

Hi back-thanks

Linda Evans Whitfield, 2/28/21

Thank you for the lovely and unexpected birthday greeting.  Nothing fancy for celebration, just enjoyed cards, best wishes and gifts from family and friends.  I did however receive a very special hand made bracelet from my 9 yr old granddaughter which I will be proudly wearing frequently to escape the “why aren’t you wearing the bracelet I gave you interrogation😊. I have been following you guys for years through your email updates but hope to actually participate in one of the lunches when Covid-19 will allow😊.

Stay safe,

Linda (Evans) Whitfield

Carol Williams Jeffers, 2/20/21

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  We are about to start our last week of our winter stay here in Panama City Beach, Fla.  The sun is shining and the temps are balmy, how perfect is that!β€οΈπŸ€—

Annette DeLing Hack, 2/19/21

It's always GREAT to hear from the 1965 Bearcats!  Thank you for remembering me on my birthday.

We celebrated by driving from our home (up near Ludington) to Big Rapids this AM.  Got our 2nd

dose of Covid Vaccine!!!  Drove back home and took a two hour nap.  Feeling fine!!!  It's been a 

very rough year for me.  I always considered myself in pretty good health so last year Jan. when

I was hit with PMR and put on high doses of steroids....I was blown away!  Where did this come from? Then only a month later two blood clots in my lungs and legs.  Again....WHY???  Well, we have now

determined the blood clots came from the high doses of steroids.  Only way to do this...blood

thinners possibly the rest of my life. But...this year I was determined to lower my dose of

steroids and (knock on wood) I am happy to report I haven't had any steroids for over a week!!!

Happy Birthday to ME !!!!  Life is good.  It's been a rough year.  Stay SAFE Bearcats!!!

Sharon Tedrow, 2/11/21

Thank you! Had a great birthday!πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰I will get Karen’s email to you❀️

Michael Green, 2/8/21

I plan on enjoying my Birthday with my family. Now that Comrade Gretchen is allowing indoor dining we will eat out and have cake and ice cream at home. Love being with all my grandkids.

Thank you for the B'day wishes.

Judy Cole Williamson, 2/8/21

Thank you for the thoughts. I’m still here, following CDC guidelines and staying home. Can’t wait to travel again. Stay safe everyone.
Judith Williamson 

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known GOD! 

Lorraine Bundy Thurber-Fernlund, 2/1/21

I'm am happy to say that I'm having another birthday this week.  I have not been ill during this pandemic. Keeping up with daily supplements proven to help ward off the virus. My fingers are crossed and mask on when out and about. I flew to Michigan twice last summer and met with some former classmates. I'm still sending out the email birthday cards to you all. 

Rita Tuttle Bruhl, 1/12/21

Thank you for the birthday wishes!! I had a great birthday celebration with my family — just 6 of us!!! Updates:  I had a light case of Covid in early November. I have no idea how I got it because I always wear a mask and don’t go many places!  Our family in NY and Italy are all healthy as well. Again thank you for the BCCHS sight. 

Nikki Pugh Broadwell, 1/8/21

Thanks for birthday wishes—yes, I am still alive. 

Don English, 1/8/21

All is well, and a thank you to everyone . Each year always gets better than the last.

I’m happy and thankful for everything.

“Gods Blessings to Everyone”

     Don English 

Susan Myers Brooks, 12/22/20

Hello and thank you for the kind birthday greetings!  Sue

Roland Korp, 12/21/20

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Hope everyone has a great 2021!

SueAnn Mitchell Davis, 12/21/20

Thank you. We are well and enjoying grandchildren

Barbara Wisner Rickman, 12/14/20

Greetings from Tullahoma, Tennessee.  We wish all our Bearcat classmates a prosperous, safe, healthy, and blessed 2021.  John and Barb (Wisner) Rickman

Carole Terry Morgan, 12/14/20

Thank you Lorraine. It’s very kind of you to stay on top of this.  Praying for a reunion in 2021. 


Mike King, 12/2/20

Another birthday, what the hell?

I’m happy to report, that I’m doing well. 


Weather in Arizona helps keep me just fine

Along with a few glasses of mighty red wine!


Not missing Michigan sorry to say,

But a great place to be from, in every way. 


Pandemic has slowed us, more than a bit. 

Not once but twice, a re-scheduled Hawaii trip!


But birthdays do come each and every year. 

And,at least for this one...I’m still here!


Thanks for the birthday greeting...Mike 

Doug Pattullo, 11/30/20

Thanks for the greetings....keep up the great work on the website.  I have managed to stay above ground!!

Jeff Brackett, 11/24/20


Sharon Bevier, 11/24/20

Thank you for thinking of me!

Jane Ballard McCracken, 11/21/20

Cute!  We should be grateful, that most of us, are still living on this side of the grass.

Steven Cady, 11/18/20

thanks for the card doctors did not think I would make it several years ago but  I did  but I still do not know much about this computor stuff

Linda Pennock Brott, 11/7/20

Thank you for the birthday wishes.

James Wilcox, 11/7/20

Every birthday is more and appreciated, especially if you have had health issues. Every birthday wish from others is cherished as well.

Demetra Williamson Berry, 10/24/20

Thank You, my B-Day ,0n October 26, 2020 everything ok

Dale Wright, 10/25/20

Thanks for all you do for our classπŸ˜€

Carlos (Chuck) Morton, 10/13/20

Dear Bearcats:

I just retired after 30 yrs. Of teaching for the U. of California, sold my home in Santa Barbara, and moved with my wife Azalea to Vista, CA (near San Diego) to be near our grand kids, Ariana (6) and Mateo (2).

Wishing you all happy days in better times.

Donna Rice Van Natta, 10/13/20

Thank you so very much for the birthday wishes. Will have a wonderful day with hubby and friends.

Kathy Nielsen Pross, 10/13/20

Hi all!  We are living in Texas & are enjoying it very much.  Thanks for the birthday greeting.

Dan Bishop, 10/5/20

Greetings from North Central Wisconsin.  Thanks so much for birthday greetings.  God's blessings.  Dan

Betty Lou Newton Sleeper, 10/5/20

Love it! Thanks

Robert Davidson, 9/21/20

As I celebrate my 73rd birthday I feel fortunate to be alive and healthy and able to enjoy my retirement. I feel fortunate to have grown up with a healthy community supported school system like we had in those years in Battle Creek. I reflect on those of our class we have lost too soon. While I mourn their loss, I have many fond memories of those friendships. I look forward to the end of this epidemic so we can all meet again without the need for masks or social distancing. 

Gerald Winton, 9/20/20

Thanks of remembering !!

Joe Blythe, 9/18/20

Thanks everyone!!!! It's been a great day!!!!

Linda Stoiber Fulcher, 8/22/20

Love it!   Thank you!  Not doing a lot of anything right now...Retired from cutting hair.

Lupus and fibromyalgia make it difficult to do to much...thanks again for the birthday wishesπŸŽ‚πŸ˜˜πŸ‘

Sondra Moffitt, 8/11/20

Thank you for the BD greeting!  I am fortunate to be able to be with my family!

Tom Lusk, 8/11/20

Thank you for the Birthday card!  Michael Doyle and company you folks do a Maahhvelous job.  Got a new grand baby and a new great grand baby πŸ‘Ά on the way!

Again a big THANKS!  We of BCCHS ‘65 are lucky to have you all!


Tom Lusk (TommyBlueShoes)

Michael Foltz, 8/4/20

Got it, thanks! Hope to see you soon.

Harry Schill, 8/4/20

Thanks for the birthday wish. Life is good (pandemic aside). I keep busy between golf, working out and following our seven grad kids.

Nathaniel McNeal, 7/18/20

Yep, made another year. It’s always nice to get the BCCHS ‘65 Birthday Greeting “Thank You”. Other than the COVID-19 lockdown not much has changed for me over the past year. 

Kathy Ward, 6/11/20

Thank you for the fun card.  It is very creative. 

Not much new here for me this past year.  Last Fall Cliff and I made a trip to southwest Iowa to visit long-time friends.  We had planned to head for Florida for a few days in March, but I was saved from packing by the virus closings.  I did manage to attend a few of the monthly luncheons at Clara’s and enjoyed seeing classmates.

Kathy Ward

Alice Nelson Brown, 6/26/20

Got it, thanks! 

Eugene Richardson, 6/24/20

Glad to see another year.Thank You Lord! 

Lana Ribble Staheli, 6/22/20

I had a slow start in High School due to multiple birth defects -none obvious.


Have  a 50 year practice as a counselor/coach/life strategist

I have written 5 published books most recently, Snap Strategies for Couples with Pepper Schwartz

Regular guest "Chat with Women" KIXI radio

Hundreds for radio, TV and print interviews

Served on multiple boards

Co-founded a Non-profit that has served 20 million health care workers throughout the world-

Established a work/life balance seminar at Seattle Children's Hospital

Traveled to over 60 different countries providing free evidence based health care for children

Won Earth Day Award for photograph

Past President of the International Women's Fund


Full-time practice


I'm not done, yet.

Lana Ribble Staheli


Patricia Dix, 6/22/20

I had a couple of fun days celebrating.   Thanks for remembering me!  Stay safe.

Mary Sherwood, 6/13/20

Thank you. 

William Hubbart, 6/9/20

Well thank you so much, yes I did enjoy my 73  on the 2nd of June all is going about as well as be expected , health wise not so great just found out i am in stage 4 Renal failure, I guess it all goes with getting older, anyway the Lord has been very good to me and He will get me through this too. I have 2 grandsons and 1 great grandson and 1 on the way Dec.

Tom Dunkelberger, 6/1/20

Thanks for the Birthday wishes.  My best gift would be that the Lord bring you joy and happiness on that special day.  Thank you class of '65. 

Linda Aalto, 05/25/20

Thank you for the Bearcat Birthday greeting.  Nothing has really changed except for a few more wrinkles.  I am still downsizing, repairing house problems, and in a perpetual battle with the weeds and the critters that like to dig holes in my backyard.  Hope everyone is staying healthy.  Linda Aalto. 

Daniel Elliot, 04/13/20

Still above ground and in Evart, Mi.  

Martha Hoffman, 04/13/20

Love it!  I had a great day!

Vickey Packer Post, 04/06/20

Thank you. I have 3 sons 7 grandchildren  and  6 great grandchildren. I now live in new port Richey Florida. Things are good. Miss my Michigan family and friends. God bless you all. 

Lee Finerty, 04/05/20

3 Grandchildren Adam,Charlot and Amber.

Sandy Briggs Adams, 04/05/20

Love it! Thank you. Never thought I would be in a lock down for my birthday 

Linda Armanini Bucklin, 01/01/20

To all thanks for the birthday wishes when I look back I think what was I thinking when I let my niece talk me in to trying to skateboard. Had a good day staying in and staying safe and healthy. Hoping everyone is doing the same. God bless everyone, friend and foe.

David Tooley, 03/21/20

I'm still alive and kicking.   Glad to hear from you.  Dave Tooley

Glen Yarger, 03/19/20

Thank you!  Other than my age all is the same!

Linda Evans Whitfield, 02/29/20

Thank you!  I have got to stop thinking about attending and actually attend a luncheon.  Don’t know if anyone will remember me (I was square).  

Carol Williams Jeffers, 02/22/20

Thank you for the birthday wishes, I had a wonderful day spent at Panama City Beach with my hubby Fred and our Florida friends.

Richard Stevens, 02/22/20

Nine Grandkids keep this old, content Bearcat busy as he wants to be.  Finally retired last year and waiting for walleye season.  Stop by if you come through Loveland on your way to Rocky Mountain National Park....30 minutes away.  

Annette DeLing Hack, 02/20/20

Thanks for remembering me! Having 3 daughters near the Grand Rapids area, and having to move down here for the winter this year (ya, health issues) I am lucky to get to celebrate with each of them on 3 different days.  Feeling very blessed!  Two of the four grandchildren are getting married this summer and Dec. 24, 2019 we became GREAT! (I thought we already were).  Migwen Dawn Bush arrived, our first great granddaughter. Life is GREAT!!

Judy Cole Williamson, 02/13/20

Thank you for remembering me. I am still traveling as much as I can and enjoying it immensely. When home I enjoy volunteering at the hospital and other places around Battle Creek. Life is great! 

Michael Conklin, 02/03/20

Love it! 

Linda Merrill Jansen, 01/29/20

Happy birthday to you! 

Mike Nogrady, 01/04/20

Thanks, I have four grandchildren: 4,3,16 months and 14 months.  Mike Nogrady

Susan Myers Brooks, 12/30/19

Had a great birthday this year.  Thank you so much for the awesome card!  Most everything is going along the same as always.  Headed back to FL soon and will return in late May.

Roland Korp, 12/26/19

Thanks for the Birthday Greetings! Still splitting time between BC and Az. Health is still decent so all is good. Thanks again, Jim

Darlene McClure Campbell, 12/20/19

Thanks for the reminder!!

Carole Terry Morgan, 12/13/19

All is good.

Doug Pattullo, 11/25/19

Thanks for the greetings.  Nothing new here. 

Michael King, 12/05/19

Thanks for remembering me in my old age! 

Deboraha Burgess Sallee, 12/01/19

Good morning, Class of 65.

I had a wonderful and fun birthday. Thank you so much for the Birthday card.  It was greatly appreciated.

God's Grace,   Deboraha L. Sallee {Debi Burgess}

Linda Beers Aydlott, 12/03/19

Good Morning, and Thank You for the Birthday Card.  Not much has changed with me or my family.... just a bit poorer and more wrinkly.  Have a wonderful day my friends. 

Thomas Postma, 11/27/19

Thanks for the moment to recognize the special day of the year for me. Life is great here in The Villages keeping very active with what is offered for my enjoyment here . 

Jane Ballard McCracken, 11/21/19

44 years of a wonderful marriage ended, on Veteran's Day, with the death of my husband, Russ.  Wonderful friends and family supported us throughout Russ' illness.  Today, on my seventy-second birthday, I reflect back on a day that brought me sunshine...on a rainy day.  Jane Ballard McCracken 

Sharon Bevier, 11/21/19 (class of '64)

Thank you for the birthday greetings. So happy to wake up healthy every day. I still keep track of the class of 65 

Terry Bond, 11/07/19

Thanks so much for Birthday wishes!  Enjoyed my annual "55th" in sunny San Diego CA this year.  It was a great celebration with old friends, great food, perfect weather, and even an antique auto show tossed in.  Looking forward to many more! 

Suzanne Haughey McGee, 11/07/19

We have enjoyed our first year on Walnut Mountain in Ellijay, GA.  We are told that the heavy production of acorns and the spoon shaped kernel in the persimmons mean that we will have lots of snow this winter.  I will surely feel right at home.

The travels this year included a week in Michigan featuring Michigan State Alumni University visit and a week in Fort Myers, FL.  The university visit was filled with fascinating tours and lectures. 

 Who knows what the coming year will include? We have a long list of US and foreign destinations on our bucket list.  I hope all of my fellow bearcats will have great years as well. 

Barbara Turner, 10/17/19

Thank you for the birthday acknowledgment.  I am on of Jehovah's Witnesses and I don't celebrate.  I am grateful however, that I am still alive, healthy and still singing.  As a matter of fact, I am preparing to join my friends for a 6th concert in December.  I come to Battle Creek at least 1 time a year to visit my sister Cynthia.  The one thing I miss is seeing the Tony the Tiger statue outside ofcomic sans ms,Arialplant. 

Barbara Turner :-* 

Diann Johnson, 10/16/19

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!  It's always nice to be remembered by those from my "youth" . LOL 

Carlos Morton, 10/14/19

Got it, thanks, celebrating my birthday with wife Azalea & friends in La Habana, Cuba.

C Morton 

Dan Bishop, 10/04/19

Thank you for the birthday greetings.  Not many birthday celebrations these days.  I seemed to have burned up my quota of rowdy celebrations a few years ago.  I enjoy living in north central Wisconsin in the Village of Athens, approximately half way between Minneapolis and Green Bay.  I still hate the Packers!  I refuse to abandon Michigan sports teams, no matter how bleak the outlook is.  My wife of 48 years and I do a little traveling, with the highlight being a yearly visit with our daughter in Palm Springs.  Only downside is that I can no  longer play some of the fine golf courses out there anymore do to a dysfunctional back.  I do get into the outdoor sports up here, especially hunting and fishing with my son.  We really enjoy the small mouth bass and walleye fishing out on Green Bay.  Once again, I greatly appreciate the birthday greetings.    Dan 

Jeff Gibson, 09/06/19

Well, thank you very much. Delighted to still be vertical.

Peace πŸ˜Ž 

Carl Milks, 08/30/19

Hi all. I finally retired, but I'm still volunteering overseas teaching Pediatrics, Asthma Allergy and Clinical Immunology (specialty and subspecialty). Last year Uganda for a month at their teaching hospital,  and this winter in Nepal in the new medical school.  We are in Germany now for the wedding of our last exchange student who married a Palestinian, so they sang happy birthday in English, German and Farsi. Marianne and I are in good health except for two operations on my Cervical spine,  but it hasn't slowed us down too much,,,,. I enjoy hearing about the activities of our class much more than I enjoyed HS.  

Shari Rarick Gysel, 08/25/19

Thank you for the happy birthday greeting.   It was a great day.  I am still dancing, teaching, doing Band Follies, and enjoying family [including a great grand baby Sadie Grace 9 months] and gardening.  Jim and I will be celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in June....cannot believe how time flys bye-bye so quickly.  

I am looking forward to seeing many of you at our class reunion next summer.  Thank you also for the updates.

Happy Dancing,

Shari Rarick Gysel  

Collin Butch Olmstead, 08/19/19

Thank you for your birthday wishes. Not much to say just enjoying retirement. 

Cynthia Dorband, 08/18/19

At this point in life out she isn't a seceret! Just a matter of months the rest of you catch up! Celebrated for 5 days! Best was the surprise my twin 16 year old grandsons threw for me! Nothing like having 6 teen young men singing πŸŽΌπŸŽΆHappy Birth day to me. Wish you health and another good year! 

Cynthia A Chamberlain/DorbandπŸ“.. 

Jim Emory, 08/18/19

In compliance to your above request, I submit the attached reply.....


Tom Lusk, 08/13/19

Thank you, what a great BIRTHDAY wish!  I too, πŸŽΌ”Just want to celebrate another day of livin’, just want to celebrate another day of LIFE🎢🎡”!

My BEARCAT friends are the absolute GR-E-A-A-TEST!


Mary Dunham, 08/13/19

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. My husband has Parkinson's so life is forever changing.  We still golf one a week, but now I beat him sometimes. 

Linda Watson Aalto, 05/24/19


In cleaning up my inbox, I noticed that I had not replied to the Bearcat Birthday Greeting. Sorry! Here is the belated update.   The big event of the year was the hiking trip to the Atacama Desert in Chile with grandson and elder daughter in June of 2018.  It had been over eight years since I had been up to 14,000 feet.  I was surprised that I had no problems. The difference, I believe,  was only carrying a daypack.  When I went on trips with my husband, we schlepped everything we would need for one to two weeks in the wilderness on our backs.   

Thanks for the birthday greeting.  Linda Aalto  

Michael Cope, 07/31/19


Harry Schill, 08/05/19

I am doing well. Lots of golf, biking and grandparent duty. Our seven grandchildren live within an hour drive. Thanks for the birthday wishes   

Mike Foltz, 08/02/19

Thanks for b-day greeting.  I will be in BC mid-August, let me know of any get togethers Aug 14-20, would love to see you then.  Mike Foltz 

Kathy Fuld Ward, 07/09/19

Thank you for the birthday greetings!  As you can see, I have become even slower than ever.  (Actually, I just found this message while trying to find out what I missed while my computer has been out of commission.)

Take care. Kathy

Skip Case, 07/22/19

Received, thank you!!  

Nate McNeal, 07/17/19

Thanks for remembering my birthday. It’s always nice to receive the “Bearcat Birthday Greeting”. Not much has really changed with my retirement lifestyle in the last year. I plan to check-off another item on my travel “bucket list” later this year with a trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands. Thanks again for all the hard work you guys do. Wishing everyone peace and good health.  

Jill Sines Mason, 07/09/19

Thanks so much for the birthday card, its always nice to be remembered. Not much has changed here, we still live in Battle Creek...

Thanks Again  

Bill Snyder, 7/05/19

Thank you for the wishes and everything is well hear hello to all Bearcats.

Sue Lambeth Kellay, 7/03/19

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  My husband and I moved to Assyria Township three years ago. We live at Loon Lake where it is so peaceful. We love it. Hope all is well with everyone.

Adrian Eisenlord, 6/29/19

Thank you for the birthday wishes.  Still hanging in there with more aches and pain than I care to acknowledge.  Carpe Diem. 

Ken Leche, 6/25/19

Ok. How about spending a birthday with my feet propped  up, a gentle wind blowing, watching the boat channel leading to Lake Michigan, and all in front of a 35 foot RV. Not bad for an old farts 73rd.

Ron White, 6/12/19

Living in Traverse City for almost 22 years, after selling EmploymentGroup.  Owned two wine shops, sold them about 3-4 years ago.  I am the Spiritual Care Advisor, and have been for the last 10 years, for Hospice of Michigan, the largest hospice in Michigan.  My wife of 46 years, Nona, continues working in special education; now as a teacher’s assistant [she no longer wanted the responsibility of  being the lead teacher].  We are fortunate that both of our children and our grandchildren live in Traverse City. We stay busy with work, tennis, enjoying Northern Michigan and family.  I am working on finishing my doctoral thesis, hopefully in the next few months.

Patricia Schumaker Hames, 5/30/19

Thank you

Alice Nelson Brown, 5/28/19

It was the most heavenly birthday in my life, not only showered with gifts but just had cataract surgery and have wonderful sight which is a GIFT from God!  Homemade birthday cake with yummy buttercream frosting made by my sweet daughter!  Closest friend, Lynne (Anderson) Bennett made me an “original lake scene painted ring box” that I wouldn’t sell for a million dollars! Hubby made a luscious dinner for whole family and son got me my favorite cookies and daughter and grandsons got me treasures to boot!

Truly an unforgettable 72nd BD!

Love, ALZY aka Alice

Stan Root, 4/16/19

Thank you for the birthday wish! Changes other than my age.....not a lot. Still vertical and active. Still golfing, playing pickleball, working at Binder Park Golf Course, Baxter Funeral Home and spending about four months in Bradenton, Florida in the winter. Life is still good and I’m very blessed!! Hopefully all of my fellow class of 65 Bearcats are as equally active and blessed as I am. Thanks again and God bless you all. 
 Stan Root

Carol Shipman Rowell, 4/10/19

It's always nice to be remembered! Your greeting is well received, and I thank my Bearcat family!

Martha Hoffman, 4/10/19

Thank you fellow Bearcats for the Happy Birthday greeting. It's much apprec usted. I just went through a nerve ablation and in four more weeks look forward to a new normal, pain free. I am tinkering around with a few small landscaping installs, just enough to use up some creative juices. I've submitted a manuscript to Netflix and continue to work on my paintings. Lotsa fun. Enjoying my four grandchildren. Life is good! Hope you all have a great year!

Vickey Packer Post, 4/6/19

Thankyou for the birthday wishes. Still living in sunny Florida. Dearly miss my Michigan family and friends. Nothings changed much.

Linda Armanini Bucklin, 3/27/19

Thanks for the birthday wishes,not much new other than age. Continue with good times with the people I care about and continue to keep up with Bearcat group.

Bruce Ballard, 3/17/19

Still alive ,had cancerous lung and prostate removed no chemo or xray treatment very blessed for that, just enjoying the Caribbean and the state of Texas and giving thanks to the Lord on High. Hope all is well with y'all


Carol Jeffers, 2/20/19

Thank you for the birthday wishes, I am thrilled to still be here and enjoying good health.  Not much has changed except my waistline🀣!

Fred and I are heading toward our 53rd wedding anniversary in September and we have been enjoying retirement for twenty years and spending two to three months in Florida during winter.

Hugs to all my Bearcat class mates!

Judy Williamson, 2/13/19

Thank you for the birthday greeting. Still traveling and exploring God’s world. Aside from the blizzard outside the day is great. I love this getting older, you get away with so much!
Judith Williamson 

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known GOD! 

Michael Conklin, 2/3/19

Thanks for the greeting. Our problem with being in the class together is that none of us can get away with lying about our age!

Rita Tuttle Bruhl, 1/15/19

Thank you for the birthday wishes!  They do mean a lot. This birthday I celebrated in Vicenza, Italy!  Our son and family are stationed there and we spent 28 days with them!  We went to Rome for 3 days visiting the Vatican, Colliseum, an old Roman City and ate lots of pizza!  We also visited Verano, Murano (glass), Burano (lace). We could see the castles of Romeo and Juliet outside the dining room windows!!  Beautiful sunsets, views of the Dolomites, and seeing the lights of the small towns every evening!!  Feel like I am bragging  — just very blessed!! 

Pam Noble Lynch, 1/11/19

I have 8 grandchildren, 2 great grandchildren, and our oldest grandson took us out for lunch and we had a wonderful time. We are healthy and happen and BLESS. 

Thanks for sending me a birthday greeting it made me smile.

Pam (Noble) Lynch  

Mike Nogrady, 1/6/19

I now have four grandchildren, three boys and a girl! 

Nikki Pugh Broadwell, 1/6/19

Still writing (published book #22 and working on 23) website:—=Still living in Tucson—looking into living in Santa Cruz Ca. for the hotter months when Tucson is like an oven…3 grandchildren in college all 3 boys studying environmental science.  

Jackie Blackmar Stults, 12/29/18

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes.  As the saying goes, not much has changed except the age.  I'm just happy I'm around to celebrate the new year at this new age.


Annette Evans Zalner, 12/29/18

Feeling real sad on this particular birthday. My wonderful husband is in the hospice residence. Just need prayers. God Bless 

Roland Korp, 12/28/18

Thank you for the birthday wishes from sunny but cool Az. 

Susan Myers Brooks, 12/20/18

Thank you for the birthday wishes and I attended the luncheon at Clara's so I was double blessed. 

Michael King, 12/07/18

Thx for the birthday wishes from the class of 65! 

Sharon Bevier, 12/01/18

Thank you! 

Jeff Brackett, 11/28/18

Thank you! 

Thomas Postma, 11/27/18

What is new is a lot in my life I retired to a place called The Villages fl. A very active retirement community. Live with my girlfriend . Rent my house out to people that want the life style the villages offer. Play Pickleball 7 days a week ride bike with my girl friend am active in different clubs here. Really enjoying my life here in the (Bubble) nick name for The Villages. Have a brother that lives in Daytona Beach so I visit when Daytona has big events going on. Thanks for the birthday greetin 

Doug Pattullo, 11/24/18

Tomorrow will be 71 years for me.  Just glad to still be around.  We will be out on a boat in the inter coastal tomorrow so we hope that we don't run into the red tide here in SW Florida!  I appreciate the bcchs65 folks for maintaining the web site!  Thanks for thinking of an old guy! 

Jane Ballard McCracken, 11/21/18

Thanks for the Birthday wishes.  Just getting older and more worn out! 

Bill Deskins, 11/10/18

Thank you for the birthday recognition I am keeping busy with 8 grandkids and one great grandson. Just had our 49 th anniversary Nancy and I went out dinning, drinking, dancing and still made it home in time to watch wheel of fortune. Still work part time at Zales and very active in little league baseball . Lucky  to be blessed with good health ,   love living in Orlando so many things to do. 

Linda Pennock Brott, 11/12/18

Thank you. Very nice. 

Jim Wilcox, 11/11/18

My life with wife for 50, is only getting mellower, for this fellow. Going to Oceania, for the honeymoon we never had. 

Terry Bond, 11/05/18

Thanks! And a Happy Birthday to all others who are passing milestones in November!  I'm really enjoying retirement.  Amazing how quickly I adjusted in only a few weeks.


George Young (AKA Bolen), 10/26/18

Love it! Think you so very much. It really made my day. Even though I am a year older and move a little slower, it warms my heart to know that I am still remembered by a few of those whom I grew up with. Think you again..   George. 

Donna Rice Van Natta, 10/22/18

First of all, thank you for remembering my birthday. This birthday will be remembered for my having a first! My very first automobile accident. We live in Granbury Texas and as you know we have had a lot of rain lately. We were coming home from doing some shopping, hit a carve and lost control , hit a tree, fence and sled in the mud! Not a scratch or bruise for either of us. We have been blessed. The rest of the day was very pleasant. Texas people are so very kind, many stopped to help and one family drove way out of their way to take me home to pick up our other truck.hope everyone is doing fine and looking forward to a great, positive future.    Donna

Linda Stoiber Fulcher, 8/23/18

You are so sweet, thank you! 

Cynthia Chamberlain Dorband, 8/16/18

71 is the new 50!

Tom Lusk, 8/13/18

Mah-velous, absolutely Mah-velous!  Thank you for the B’Day blessing. 

Gee, I know I’m one year older but, I feel as well as I did yesterday!

Mary Dunham, 8/12/18

Thank's for the Birthday wishes. Just another year older.  Healthy and happy. Playing golf and visiting Mississippi every March foa a month.

Sandi Moffitt Buckner, 8/6/18

Thank you for remembering me.  I had a beautiful BD with my family in SC❀️

Harry Schill, 8/6/18

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Life is good. Golf, working out and family keep me busy.

Michael Cope,  7/30/18

Thanks for the message.  I have enjoyed my seventieth year and look forward to my 71st.  I will run as hard and fast as this old body lets me.  I look forward to a life like a hearing aid battery (inside joke for those of us who have hearing problems on our list).

Best wishes to all.    Mike

NATHANIEL McNeal,  7/18/18

Thank you for the BCCHS65 Bearcat Birthday Greeting. I’m still enjoying my retirement lifestyle and my health is good. 

It’s my plan to delete another item from my “bucket list” by taking a trip to Vietnam next month. I did not go to Vietnam during the war, hopefully they’ll let me in as a tourist. 

Best wishes to everyone,    Nate McNeal.

Adrian Eisenlord, 6/27/18

To the class of 65,

Best wishes to all in the annals of Bearcat halls.  Thanks for the birthday greetings on my 72nd, just wish I felt as good as those who still have there health.  I am a year older then all of you in my class of 65, due to me having to repeat the 1st grade, just wasn't as intuitive as the rest of my class I suppose.  Sorry I haven't been keeping up with the gatherings at Clara's on the River, it's so difficult just to do anything anymore.  Those of us who were chosen for the riggers of Vietnam duty and survived are surely paying for it now.  I do have a lot to be thankful for and have had fun remembering all the good times in school i had with my fellow classmates at Central.  

On a different note, I've had contact with Vivian Manz for some time, but haven't heard from her in quite awhile.  She has been going through Dialysis last i heard and wasn't doing very well.  If anyone knows where Jodie Hicks is, please let her know that i would like to say hi to my buddy in History Class. 

Like most of you I've been trying to stay in my home, for me here in Battle Creek, but will probably relent before too long and move to a retirement center in Kalamazoo.  

Take care and stay active.      Adrian "Boats" Eisenlord 

Eugene Richardson, 6/16/18

Thank You,God is still in the blessing business

Ken Long, 6/12/18

Thanks to all and to the individual who wrote the birthday poem.

Thanks,    Ken Long

Patti Dix, 6/11/18

A huge thank you coming your way for my 71st birthday wishes.  How great to be remembered by the Class of 1965!  All is well with my family.  My husband, Craig, and I will have our 52nd wedding anniversary in October.  We have 2 children:  Brad, 45, who lives 5 miles away from us and has two daughters, Taylor 14 and Ashley 12.  Our daughter, Marci, 44, lives in Clarkston, north of Detroit.  She has 10 year old boy/girl twins, Drew and Skylar.  We have been very blessed in all ways.  Thanks again Class of 1965.  So nice to be remembered.

AND . . . very nice job on this web page and all the hard work it’s taken to get all the information gathered and keeping announcements up-to-date, etc.  What a huge undertaking.  Having retired from Kellogg’s, let’s just say it’s


William Hubbart, 6/5/18

A Big thank you for the birthday wishes, had a great day, nothing much new to report, I'm still making music with my sax and this still brings me much joy! So, on Ye bearcats, lets go, onto another year!

Cindy Richards Wallace, 6/4/18

Thanks so much for the Bearcat birthday greeting!  Nothing new in the Richards/Wallace household except a new GRANDBABY due soon - our daughter Cecily is giving birth to her daughter Isabelle around July 15!  
Thanks again for the fun birthday rhyme!

Tom Dunkelberger, 6/3/18

Thanks for the wonderful wishes.  I thought everbody in my class looked like they were getting older...except I'm not so sure.  Oh well, guess that comes with age.  Blessings to all of you.   Tom D.

Linda Watson, 5/27/18

Thank you for the cheerful, colorful birthday greeting.  

As for updates, the big change in my life is the death of my husband. We were married just short of 49 years.  Now that I have completed all the estate matters, I have started to resume some of the activities that I did with my husband, such as flying to New York City to baby sit grandson, attending operas, plays, ballets, lectures, and movies and  hiking.   Next month I am heading to Chile with elder daughter and grandson for hiking and backpacking in the Andes.  This past winter, after a thirty-year lull,  I started ice skating again, but this time it was with grandchildren instead of children.   Next winter I hope to either take the grandchildren in Indiana skiing or else go skiing with the New York grandson who is an avid skier and snowboarder.   At 71, I am still trying to be active.

Mike Sanford, 5/26/18

Thank you for the birthday greeting.  I now live in Madison Heights with my fiancee, Robin.  I'm enjoying my retirement by going to Detroit Tigers games and various attractions in the Detroit area. Unfortunately, I'm having some health problems, but Robin is taking good care of me.  Wishing all of you the best!

Alice Brown, 5/25/18

You are so sweet, thank you!

Richard Campbell, 5/9/18

Thanks for the greetings, poem and reminder that 71 is the new 60.  No changes, just fun! Best regards to all, Rick Campbell

Stan Root, 4/16/18

Thanks for the birthday wishes, fellow older Bearcats!! Yes, life is still good for me! Getting older is a good thing. Far outweighs the alternative! I’m super blessed with a beautiful and loving wife, great children and grandchildren and we spend winters in Florida golfing, riding bikes and playing pickleball. We still live in BC the rest of the year. Thanks again for the birthday wishes and God bless you all!!  Stan Root

Thomas Munger, 4/15/18

Hey guys thanks it was 70th was one of the best ever and i believe 71 will even be better. I am blessed  with seven grands (four of which are twins) and they are all amazing! God is good!!!

Carol Shipman Rowell, 4/10/18

I appreciate the cute, relevant birthday poem! The class of '65 remains pretty awesome!  My only regret is not getting better acquainted with so many of my classmates.  As for my current life, Hubby and I are enjoying temps in the 80's at our "Snowbird" home in South Florida, hating to return to snowy, cold Michigan soon.  However, we miss our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and the newest addition--our first great-great-granddaughter born in February of this year.  I KNOW I'm too young--she's from my husband's side, was born a micro-preemie at only 3.3 pounds, but is doing great now!  The Lord has blessed us abundantly, and I owe Him my all!  

Carolyn Williams, 02/22/18

Thank you for the birthday wish, I am thrilled to still be celebrating them!  

What’s new in our life?  A year ago we moved from South Haven to Richland to be closer to family.  Not much else is knew, just being thankful for what we have and what we are still able to do... 😊

Annette DeLing, 02/19/18

Thank You Bearcats for the Birthday Greetings!  At 71, I am thankful for the good health that I have.  It's been a rather brutal winter for us here near Ludington...lots of snow & very cold.  Last spring, summer, fall we did a lot of HOUSE RE-DO on the cottage (now our home).  Ran into a few problems (we hope to fix in better weather)....have had ice build up on our steel roof.  Today is 40+ degrees.  YIPPEE!!

Judith Cole, 02/12/18

Hi All,
Thank you for the birthday greeting.  All is well for #71😱, still healthy and looking forward to many more.

Michael Green, 02/12/18

Thank you for the Bearcat Birthday wish, I very much enjoyed receiving it.
The biggest thing for me is that now we have an adult in the White House, and i'm loving it!
Michael A Green

Steve Jessup, 01/22/18

Having a great birthday. 
Thanks for checking πŸ˜Šβ›·

Roland Korp, 12/29/17

Thank you from sunny AZ. It also was my 25th anniversary.

Susan Myers, 12/20/17

Thank you for the Birthday Greeting.  I just returned from FL for the holidays and will be returning in early February.  No big changes for me so far.

Darlene McClure, 12/20/17

Hi all you wonderful 65 bearcats!!  I am in Mexico celebrating my 71st birthday. Merry Christmas and prayers for a healthy & peaceful new year!

Carole Terry, 12/15/17

Thank you for the birthday greeting.  Nothing has changed.  
Looking forward to the holidays. 

Larry Allen, 12/13/17

Yes, I've arrived at my 71st birthday and am now starting my 72nd year on this earth.  This has been an exciting year, with Joy having surgery to implant a "deep brain stimulator" to treat her Parkinson's Disease.  We spent the summer getting prepared for the surgery and after the surgery, August 17th, we've spent our time recovering and then getting the electric stimulus adjusted.  This adjustment process can take up to a year.  Joy went from using a walker full time to not using one at all, two weeks following the surgery.  Joy still tires easily but just takes short breaks.
Joy continues to be the love of my life as we are looking forward to what God has in store for us as we celebrate our 49th anniversary in 2018.  We plan on touring the northeast states this summer, which had been out of reach last year.
Larry Allen, Retired Teacher, BeeKeeper

Michael King, 12/7/17

Thanks for remembering! Any day above ground is a good day!

Georganne Bunn, 12/6/17

Dear Fellow Bearcats...Thank you for remembering my 70th Birthday! We celebrated my Birthday weekend in Oxford, Ms at the Ole Miss vs Texas A&M football game. Our grandaughter  is a Pre-Med Sophmore
at Ole Miss and my Husband Rick is a "70 Grad of Texas A&M....needless to say we had a wonderful pregame in the Grove with fellow Aggies and Hottie Toddies!!    Although I have retired from one position I still own my own travel agency.  Rick and I have been to over 100 countries and still travelling.  Although, I'm sad to say I don't get home much, since our kids and grandkids are spread from the East coast to the West.  Hope to come home soon and have lunch with everyone.   Happy Holidays to all.  Your fellow Bearcat... Georganne Bunn Dougherty.

Steven Cady, 11/22/17

thanks for the well wishes  I know I am getting old but with 8 grandchildren they keep us young and their love gets me through all the heart  problems and other things

Jane Ballard, 11/20/17

Thank you for the birthday greeting.  Celebrating the 70th with family in Orlando.  Let's hope that I can still do the water park at Universal!

Larry Ostrander, 11/12/17

Thanks, for the birthday greeting.   Larry Ostrander

Martin Bobinac, 11/10/17

11/11/47  ?? & 4+7=another 11 ?? I was born 13 yrs.(2 the day) after Charlie Manson !! 4 Catholics the feast Day of St,Martin o'someplace(the ex-Roman Centurian who turned peace lovin' hippie-Christian) <facts>, And lastly 4 them Zodiac/Druid/Wiccan prognosticators of Heavenly events, a triple Scorpio born on the day Pagans sacrifice victims 2 Mars/Aries, God of War. Feel free 2 share this  w/the National Inquirer generation; I think it's a crock,albeit a funny 1.! Peace&popsycles 2 all & as Mr. Spock would say; "Live long & prosper !!"  EmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmojiEmoji  marty

Dale Wright, 10/28/17

Thank you for the Birthday wish.
What's new is I am joining the Seventies club with most of my classmates.
What's new is Thur. Carolyn and I have now celebrated our 49th Anniversary.  Thanks to my my classmates and my they enjoy health and happinessπŸ˜€

Demetra Williamson, 10/25/17

Thank You for the Lovely Birthday Greeting . I really appreciated  😊

Ron Mathis, 10/01/2017

Thank you for the card. Much appreciated.

Linda Black, 09/28/2017

I am 70 and thankful for the greeting.  No changes

Gayle Bonifer, 09/28/2017

Hello Fellow Bearcats!  Thank you for the special birthday greetings!
Very grateful to reach 70! I continue to enjoy retirement, but I do miss working with students. I hope to start mentoring Special Ed. student teachers in my school district soon.
My husband Jack and I are still golfing, taking short trips, and going to all our 8 grandchildren's activities: band concerts, baseball, basketball, and soccer games. We are fortunate that our two daughters and son live close by.
Best wishes to the class of '65, may you have much health and happiness in your lives. 
Thank you again for the birthday wishes,
Gayle Bonifer Duncan

Melvin Buser ,  08/10/2017

All is well. Still in Arizona playing golf three days a week and enjoying life.

Tom Lusk,  08/14/2017

What a nice Birthday greeting!  Underrate, overrate, 'I just want to 🎢🎡Celebrate another day of livin', I just want to Celebrate another day of LIFE!'  πŸŽΌπŸŽΈ
Your '65' BCCHS Friend
Tom Lusk

Mike Doyle,  07/23/2017

Lorraine,     Thanks so much for the birthday greeting. It’s always good to know someone is thinking about you on your birthday. All is good down here in Florida; it’s been hot, but lots of sun and a good amount of rain to keep things green.     Mike

Juanita McClain ,  07/23/2017

Life is plugging along ok. A few more aches and pains along the way but basically all is well. Thanks for the wishes. And happy BIRTHDAY TO YOU MIKE DOYLE
May this NEW year ahead be a BLESSED ONE!!!

Nathaniel McNeal,  07/18/2017

Thanks for the "Bearcat Birthday" email. Nothing has changed except my age. I did enjoy a great birthday with family & friends. Best regards,
Nate McNeal

Kathryn Ward,  07/09/2017

Thank you for the nice birthday greeting.  I am grateful to be celebrating another year.  So can’t complain about moving somewhat slower than in the past.  A month ago, a cat chose us and apparently is here to stay.  She is quite playful and our other two cats are not sure of what to make of her antics.  She is not afraid of the dog and the dog ignores her.  We are making some improvements around here this summer, a metal roof on the south barn and a remodel of the small bathroom.  We spend as much time as we can with my 94 yr. old father who is still living on his own in his home.

Adrian Eisenlord ,  06/28/2017

Thanks a lot for the birthday greeting, much appreciated.  

I've been keeping busy with a new 55' model train track platform suspended from the ceiling of my wood shop.  It's going slow, but all the buildings are in, all the lights are on, and the tracks are being installed. It won't be long now.  

Health limitations keep me close to home, but its still great to be alive.  My best to all and have a wonderful Bearcat year.  


Larry Wadsworth ,  06/23/2017

Thanks, I’m still in the process of deciding what I want to do when I grow up. Life is good.

Beverly Laitila (Stockwell),   05/11/2017

My family through a big bash; 40 people showed up. It was great time. Cinco de Mayo was the theme, Mexican beer,pop,and good we partied until midnight. Thanks for the wish.

Thomas Munger,   04/15/2017

Hey guys...Yes it's the big 7 0! However my oldest daughter informed me that in Celsius it's only 21 so that's my story and I'm sticking to it πŸ˜‚. I'm living in Paradise these days in the western North Carolina mountains so every day is amazing plus when God is for me who can be against me! Thanks for the greeting...I am truly blessed!

Martha Hoffman,   04/11/2017

My 70th was celebrated in grand style with family and friends on Sanibel Isle. Thank you for the blessings.

Annette Deling (Hack), 02/21/2017

Thank You BCCHS Bearcats!  Wasn't really excited to turn the big 70 this year.  My 3 daughters, 3 gr-daughters, and gr-son's girlfriend decided to have a Girly Slumber Party over the past weekend for me.  I was spoiled rotten from the moment I arrived in Grand Rapids Friday afternoon until Sunday noon when we left.  Just before Christmas our oldest grand daughter & her fiance bought our home in Grand Rapids.  Mike and I moved into our cottage at Round Lake in Mason County, MI.  It's a much larger home to take care of & a lot more land to take care of too.  Winters are a lot more work too.  But, it was our dream to one day retire up here and so far we are enjoying it all.  Thanks again for remembering me!

Judith Cole Williamson, 02/14/2017

Thank you class for the greeting.  Don't feel a bit over 18!  That seems so long ago😊.  All is still well, I travel as much as possible, still volunteering and enjoying life.
Thanks again.

Judith Williamson
Father, I may not understand You, but I trust You!

Bill Galovich, 02/13/2017

Thanks for the birthday wishes.  Had a wonderful birthday brunch given by my wife with all the daughters and grandchildren present.  I am truly blessed.  Thank you again.     Bill

Peggy Evans,  02/08/2017

Thank you so much for Birthday Day greeting, so very much appreciated!

Mike Nogrady,  01/05/2017

Thanks! Doing great!

SueAnn Davis,  01/05/2017

Thank you enjoyed birthday with family in Texas  seventy degrees.

Jim Nye,  12/30/2016

Thanks for thinking of me. I graduated from MSU in 1969.
College roommates were Rick Basso, Denis Fuller and Jeff Gibson.
Got married after graduation and started work for the state.
I have continued adding to my vintage movie and music collection. 
I get down to Battle Creek regularly to visit my 87 year old sister. She lives in Lakeview, not far from Jane Mccracken.
I spend time with friends from work.
I feel blessed to to be healthy

Roland Korp,  12/29/2016

Yes, I received the birthday wish. Thank you very much.

Jane Kelly,  12/22/2016

Dear Friends,
Thank you all so very much for the birthday wishes, they were special to me.

I never imagined my 70th birthday would be the best day of my life!  I have always wanted to visit NYC at Christmas...guess I'm a romantic at heart.  We had snow, saw incredible window displays, carriage rides through Central Park, St. Patrick's Cathedral and the manger scene, Times Square, the Rockettes, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building on a beautiful, sunny morning to name a few of the highlights.  I would say the cherry on top might have been Saturday night at Hamilton, where my grandson was dressed as Hamilton and the lead actor and probably another 10 members of the cast asked for pictures of Luke.  He was even offered $500 for the costume...which he turned down....and was made by his 88 year old great aunt.  You can imagine the thrill and excitement for a nine year old boy, and grandmom!  

In my wildest dreams, I never could have imagined my 70th would be the best day of my life, but it was.  I was surrounded by the people I love the most and they made my birthday so special.  I wish the same for you!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  


Susan Brook,  12/19/2016

Thank you so much for the birthday greetings!  All is well and enjoying life.

Carole Morgan,  12/15/2016

So happy to hear from all of you today.  Not a lot has changed.  The Twins are 20 months old and doing what 20 month olds do, keeping me young.  We are planning a few trips.  I will be going to the Las Vegas Market late January for 4 days.  This keeps me current with the design and color trends for our business.  I will be teaching again at KCC and we are planning a two week trip in May to the Outer Banks.  We have rented a home on the ocean.  The family will be joining us during that time.  We will walk the beach, watch for the wild mustangs, take naps and enjoy the views.  Howard and I enjoy the monthly luncheons at Clara’s and hope that as many of you as possible can join us.  I have heard numerous comments when we have lost someone close to us but one that stands out is “I thought I would have more time”.  Today is “more time”.  Live life, have fun, eat ice cream, para sail, shop til you drop, call a long lost friend, mend broken bridges.  Love, Carole

Michael King,  12/06/2016 

Thank you for the birthday card.
It really had me laughing hard. 

A lot has happened since '65.
And it's really great to be alive!

Arizona is the place to be..
Especially Tucson, Where it's snow-free.

Missed the reunion, it's plain to see.
Last time in BC was 2003. 

I think of Central once in a while.
When I do I always smile. 

Of friends I had so long ago.
Some have passed as you well know. 

To those of you that still live there.
You've done much more than I could dare. 

I'll always be a Bearcat man.
And that's no matter Where I am. 

On ye Bearcats...!

Michael King 

Deboraha Burgess, 11/27/2016

Good morning,  Thank you so much for the birthday card it was a plasent surprise and much appreciated.  I had a truly blessed and happy birthday and your card just made it even more special.  Thank you.

"God Loves Us All; Let's Follow His Example!"

Deboraha L. Sallee (Burgess)    (Debi)

David Saunders, 12/02/2016

Thanks for the birthday greeting. Hope all have a wonderful Christmas season. 

Kathy Mills Brunk, 11/04/2016

Life is good!  Never enough hours in every day, that's for sure, but grateful for all the blessings I have!

Dawn Ostrander, 11/13/2016

Thanks for the birthday greeting!

I don't know I got to be 70, go BCCHS class of 65!

James Wilcox, 11/10/2016

There is no change my health,still going strong,swim every morning, throw discs in the afternnon, life is good Thank You for this site.

Terry Bond, 11/6/2016

Thanks, appreciate it. Terry

Donna Van Natta, 10/16/2016

Thank you so very much for thinking of me on my birthday. Donna

Tom Stephens, 10/06/2016

Thank you so much for this.  It is truly heart warming that you remembered.  It's been close to 18 years since I moved to Florida.  As of this writing, waiting for hurricane Matthew to come ashore and do its thing.  Other than that, living in Florida has been a wonderful experience and I don't miss the cold and snow at all.  Life is great!!

Ron Mathis, 09/28/2016

Thank you for the e-card. Very much appreciated.
Turning the big 7-0 is no big deal as long as I wake up each morning.

Gayle Duncan Bonifer, 09/28/2016

Loved getting the Birthday Greeting! I feel very blessed to be celebrating 69 years today. My husband, Jack, and I enjoy good health. We still live in Concord, CA. We are fortunate that our two daughters and son live close by, as well as our eight grandchildren, ages 13 to 3 yrs old. They keep us busy with attending baseball and soccer games, band and dance recitals.

We also take care of the grandchildren on occasion. I play golf, and am secretary for our Ladies' golf board, as well as writing about current educational news for the women's club I belong to. 

Thank you again for the birthday wishes.    Gayle Bonifer Duncan

Jim Emory, 08/17/2016


Thomas Lusk, 08/14/2016

Moving to Cape Coral, FL in January.  Bought a condo in 2009.  Very excited to get going.  My step-son is taking over house so we'll be spending some of our summer up here.

Harry Schill, 08/05/2016

Thanks for the wishes and for all you do with the web site. I really enjoy seeing what everyone is up to. Nothing new or exciting here. Keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated.

Sondra Moffitt, 08/05/2016

Thank you, msg. Message received

Sandy Berry, 08/02/2016

Thanks so much for this very cool birthday greeting!  It made my day!

Mike Cope, 07/31/2016

Thanks for the B’day greeting.  Sharon (my wife) and I are off tomorrow on a two month adventure in Europe.  Start off in Scotland and finish up on Malta.  Being old and retired does have it’s benefits. Best to all.

Janet Oursler, 07/21/2016

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!     
Very nice to receive this birthday greeting from BCCHS!
There is nothing new or different to report in my life.  All is unchanged and good!
( FYI:    Subject says, "Belated."  But this message is one day early!    My birthday is July 21.)
I appreciate the "wishes" whenever they are sent.  Just thought you might want to know....  

Thank you!!!!!

Jill Sines Mason, 07/10/2016

Thank You Class of 65 its always nice being remembered.  I hope to catch one of the luncheons in the near future.  Thanks Again Jill Sines Mason

John Burdick, 07/12/2016

Thanks for the birthday greeting. Have been enjoying the wonderful summer here at Long Lake, yes the one on the daily news. Have hosted 2 partys so far this summer, getting ready for number 3. Everyone enjoys the lake, the food and Karaoke.

Nate McNeal, 07/16/2016

You guys are just too clever for words. Thanks for the "Birthday Greeting". Nothing has changed in my retirement lifestyle; I still like it.  Nate

Craig Cowles, 07/12/2016

Thanks for the greeting. I am looking forward to Sharon and my 47 th wedding anniversary on August 30th. Still working everyday on my business,PIP Printing and SpecialFx Signs.   Craig Cowles

Bill Snyder, 7/6/2016

Thank you very much and look forward to seeing some of you on the 16th of this month.

Sue Lambeth, 6/29/2016

Thank you for the birthday greetings!

Adrian Eisenlord, 6/27/2016

Many thanks to the Class of "65".  Your team of classmates do such a wonderful job throughout the year.  Warm Regards,

Ken Long, 06/11/2016

BCCHS class of ’65. Thanks for the birthday greeting. There are no changes to my profile. Thank you.

William Hubbart, 06/05/2016

Well nothing much has changed except my age, lol! I had a great time getting together with Mike Sanford last week, hadn't seen each other in 50 years, and it was just like we hadn't missed a beat, no pun intended Mike, being a drummer, anyway thanks for the happy birthday, God Bless You all and best wishes! On Ye Bearcats! Go Bearcats Go!

Mary Sherwood, 06/04/2016

Thank you for the birthday wishes. I like the little ditty, very nice. Everyone else have a wonderful year and I will talk to you next year on my birthday. Love, Mary

Patti Dix, 06/01/2016

Thank you all so much.  I blessed to have another year, and I hope to make the most of it.

Karl Millard, 05/27/2016

Thanks for your birthday wishes.  Living in San Antonio and enjoying life with my girlfriend, Gail who many of you met at the reunion. Miss sharing our birthday with my twin sister, Karlene, who passed a couple years ago.

Richard Campbell, 05/09/2016

Thanks for the fun greeting!  I hope you are all doing well, and thanks, too, to the poet and to those who keep the class website alive.  Best regards, Rick Campbell

Cindy Treadwell, 05/03/2016

Thank you

Mamie Cright Johnson, 04/14/2016

Thank you so much for the wonderful Birthday greeting.I was so surprised. I am now recuperating from a surgery in February. God is so good to me. This a is magnificent and bright. I pray all my Bearcat65 friends are doing well and enjoying these warm bright sunny days. I will be finishing up a bachelors degree this year.something I have wanted to do.all is well. Blessings be to all of you.  Bearcat for life. 

Martha Hoffman, 04/12/2016

Traveling to 296 Lakeshore Drive, Douglas MI for the summer on April 26th. Will spend a week in Lexington KY to see children and grandchildren. Hope to get to a Clara's get-together while in Michigan. MJH

Carol Shipman Rowell, 04/11/2016

I appreciate the cute birthday greeting!  We are enjoying the final weeks of our Florida snowbird stint, reluctant to return to "the Mitten" until someone shuts off those snow flurries!

Robert Humbarger, 04/08/2016

Thanks (I guess) for the birthday wish.  It is incredibly hard to believe that so much time has passes since we were together at Central.  It is equally hard to realize that so many of our class are no longer with us.  I am sure we all look back at those years in school with both fondness and regret.  I certainly wish all of my classmates the very best as we now prepare to move into our seventies.

Regarding my life changes, Cheryl and I have moved into our new home in Ada, MI, and are enjoying remodeling our home.  After 40 years living on Goguac Lake, we both wondered if we would miss the lake.  We really do not.  We have enjoyed opening a new chapter in our lives and look forward to the years ahead.  We have both been blessed with good health and we are enjoying life and travel.  We continue with our dance lessons weekly, and are now in the "silver" level, which has all new challenges to conquer.

We are looking forward to the arrival of a fourth grandchild in September.  Life moves along!

I sincerely wish good health and good fortune to each of you and hope to see you all again at our next reunion.

Gail Brown, 04/03/2016

Thanks for the clever birthday wish.

Linda Bucklin, 03/29/2016

Thanks for my birthday greeting. Great being a  Bearcat, was then and is still now.  

Julie Cox Wheaton, 03/10/2016

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Karen Wright, 03/08/2016

Thank u for the greeting. None of my information has changed, thank u all for what u have done and are still doing 🏼🏼🏼🏼🏼

Susan Mitchell, 03/05/2016

Thank you what's another year?

Phillip Hersha, 03/02/2016

Nice greeting. Thanks.

Carolyn Williams Jeffers, 02/23/2016

Thank you for the Birthday greeting.  I had a fun weekend with my hubby Fred and our daughter Angela.

Richard Stevens, 02/19/2016

Thanks, you do a bang-up job on the web site.  Things good here in Loveland, Colorado.  Still working (you can fish only so many days in a row) and reasonably healthy.  Had an old friend long ago who was 69 and I remember thinking that was really old.....and here I am doing it!  As Woodii Carr would say, Mercy!

Annette Deling Hack, 02/19/2016

Thanks BCCHS Bearcats for the birthday wishes!!!  Makes my day complete!

Sharon Tedrow, 02/10/2016

Thank you so much. I had a great day.

Michael Green, 02/12/2016

Thank you class of 65. I am having a great day and enjoying my family and Grandchildren.

Bill Galovich, 02/12/2016

Thank you for the birthday wish !!

Judith Williamson, 02/12/2016

Thanks everyone!

Peggy Reese Evans, 02/05/2016

Thank you so much for the birthday greeting.

Linda Merrill Jansen, 01/27/2016


Steve Jessup, 01/22/2016

Got it.  Thanks

Linda Sheffield Hanna, 01/18/2016

Thanks for the birthday wishes.....

Yvonne Yochim Readman, 01/18/2016

Thank you :)

Jim DePuy, 01/14/2016


Barb Wisner Rickman, 12/20/2015

Thank you for the good wishes.

Darlene McClure Campbell, 12/20/2015

Thank you for your well wishes!  Getting uncomfortably close to the big 70!


END OF BIRTHDAY REPLIES ..........................

Go Bearcats ,  FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!  FIGHT!