Missing Classmates

Dear Classmates,

The list of classmates below INCLUDES all classmates with NO street address known to us. We might have a valid email address in some cases, but the classmate hasn't responded to it.

We are still trying to contact classmates through teams organized by junior high school attended. 

Please try to contact any classmate you might know on this list and encourage them to join or at least gather current contact info (email and street addresses) and email the info to siteadmin@bcchs65.org.  Thank you.

There are some classmates who have indicated that they don't want to be contacted by other classmates anymore. We respect their privacy and have removed their name from the lists that appear on this website. We have kept their names in the database incase they should ever change their mind.

This list is updated as new classmates register. You can click on a name below and send a notice to join if you have their email address. Thanks.

You may be the only person who can convince a classmate to join!

Elke Butenshoen
Burnie Cross
Linda Dreams
Jimmie Holder
Mary Tatum (Andrews)
Beverly Taylor