Sophomores not JR or SR


A new PDF document has been posted on the website for which we are seeking your review and response. It is entitled
This document lists and provides information, as best as we can discern, about all members of our class during our sophomore year only, 111 in all. You may recognize some of them as classmates in the junior high school you attended. This list was compiled by comparing our sophomore pictures and “camera-shy” classmates in the 1963 Paean with those in the 1964 and 1965 Paeans, looking for those sophomores who were not in the 1964 or 1965 Paeans.

We feel fairly confident that many of the people identified in the document were, in fact, our classmates our sophomore year. However, we have not been able to locate 21 of them.  And, with one exception, we have not contacted anyone to verify that we’ve found the right person. Accordingly, we would like your help regarding any of the following:

1) If you know the whereabouts and can provide information about a person labeled “UNABLE TO LOCATE” in the document, please let us know.

2) If you know for certain that information in the document about a particular person or persons is incorrect - and what the correct information is - please let us know.

3) If you can verify that a particular person identified in the document was, in fact, the person in our class our sophomore year, please let us know.

If you can help in any of the ways listed above, please email your response directly to classmate Bob Eadler (, who is spearheading this effort.  As new information is provided, an updated version of the document will be created and posted periodically that highlights the new information. Also, contact Bob about any questions or other observations you may have about this document.

We hope we can compile complete, accurate information for some of our former classmates and include them in our special group of Bearcats? Please help as much as you can.

To view and print this new PDF document, click on the following link:  Sophomores_ONLY  
If you encounter any problems viewing the document, please contact Bob.