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James David Nye

James David Nye

      James David Nye

Jim passed away August 2, 2021 in Lansing, Michigan. He was a native of Battle Creek, Michigan. Jim received his Bachelor's Degree from Michigan State University, and later his Masters from Western Michigan University. In 1984 Jim married the former Bobbie Leila Renner. Jim worked and retired from the State of Michigan after 41 years. He will be remembered for his love of gardening, animals, his antiques and the enjoyment of his travels and fond memories made in Harbor Springs, Michigan. Survivors included his wife of 37 years, Bobbie; daughters, Amanda Harris, and Kerry Cronk; and grandchildren, Alex Rodgers, Bryce Harris and Mia Harris.   

Information from Gorsline Runciman Funeral Homes-East Lansing, Lansing, Michigan online on August 7, 2021 ( )

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08/08/21 07:55 AM #1    

Ken Long

I'm sorry for the loss of Jim Nye.I knew Jim somewhat and his interest in going to a huge cincert un Detroit during highschool.

08/08/21 09:39 AM #2    

Michael King

I knew Jim since kindergarten. The big 4 in our neighborhood...Jim, Suzy Haughey, Rick Basso, and me. We played long and hard every summer day and weekend. Drifted apart over the years but always kind of knew what we were doing. Rick passed several years ago so it's just Suzy and me left. I always loved the way he dressed (I was so jealous!) his mom seemed to always be driving us somewhere and his dad was always in his shop at Nye's Trailer Rental. Jim also introduced me to National Geographic magazine. A young man's Playboy back then! I'll never forget memories from the 50s. I still have scars to remind me! Love ya Jim!

08/08/21 11:06 AM #3    

Jane Ballard (McCracken)

Jim Nye, Rick Basso, and Suzy Haughey, came into my life, when we all started seventh grade at Southeastern Junior High.  Memories include, the good natured perfume fight between Jim Nye and Juanita McClain...Mike Wade and myself, being innocent victims.  Mr. Wathen, in typing class, asked Juanita and I, if we needed to go take showers, as the " Blue Waltz" perfume was overpowering.   Jim, accurately, was given the nickname of "Dudley Do-Right," in junior high.   Jim and Mike Wade, were absolutely, the best dancers at  Southeastern.  Jim also had the most amazing collection of 45's, his interest, being, Rock and Roll.  Jim was instrumental in the election of our 9th grade class president, Lyle Walkinghood.  Lyle won the office when he gave the speech that began with, "A students, B students, C students, and my friends."

At Michigan State, there was the infamous apartment of Jim, Rick Basso, Denis Fuller, and Chuck Kirsh.  One weekend, Jim drove Suzy Haughey and I to Birmingham, Alabama, while Jim and his first wife, Bev, continued on to New Orleans.  While missing Jim's first wedding, I did make the reception...Rick Basso, commenting "Of course, you made it for the food." 

 After graduation, Jim would hold reunions of "the old gang" at his home in East Lansing.  Jim had a stellar career with the State of Michigan.  Having also chosen a career with the Dept. of Social Services, aka Family Independence Agency and now, The Department of Health and Human Services, I could always count on Jim to take my calls, with Jim offering advice and direction, when I had questions or concerns.  One of the great joys of Jim's life, was when he adopted his daughter, Amanda.  Jim often spoke proudly of his three grandchilden.

Jim Nye will be missed greatly, as a good friend and a man of great character.  

08/09/21 10:34 AM #4    

James Wilcox

Jim , one of the intelligent people in my experience. A person whose life started in jeopardy with serious allergies. In death I hope he did not suffer. A friend from kindergarten, a party apartment participant at KCC, and a welcoming MSU dorm respite from CMU. He will be missed.

08/09/21 03:42 PM #5    

Amy Haughey (Dougherty)

I am so sorry to hear of Jim's passing.  I knew him during our days at Southeasteran and Central.  He was such a nice person.  My memory that stands out the most is every day after school (Central) Jim and Rick Basso would get on the bus with the newest "45" record from Lil's Record Shoppe!  He had to have quite the collection!  I'm so glad I have our picture that was taken at our 50th Reunion.

My sympathy goes out to his family at this time of sorrow.



08/09/21 04:21 PM #6    

Larraine Bundy (Thurber-Fernlund)

I had never heard of the "Rolling Stones", but Jim Nye had one of their first albums and introduced me to a different kind of Rock n Roll, not to say that I liked it. Jim had all of the latest. Being from Northwestern, I didn't go back as far in friendship as the Southwestern friends, but Jim, Rick Basso, Sue Middleton, Susie Haughey and Jane Ballard  quickly became my friends. I remember Jim as being a  down to earth reserved young man, intelligent with interesting and ambitious ideas about his future.  NYE was Jim's  name and ironically  his birthday  was December 31st which is NYE (New Years Eve). Remember Jim on NYE.

09/02/21 01:28 PM #7    

Suzanne Haughey (McGee)

I grew up with Jim.  As Mike King said, Jim, Mike, Rick Basso, and I were inseparable on weekends and summer vacation throughout elementary and junior high school.  Some of my favorite memories include playing cards and Scrabble on his front porch, going to Sullivan's for ice cream with his mom, riding bikes to the county park for picnics, and going to see the Tigers play with his dad.   His New Year's Eve birthday parties were epic.  Jim was a huge fan of American Bandstand and his mom called him "a dancin' fool".   In college I hung out with Jim and Rick (and various roommates) at their apartment where we shared heated discussions on politics and general life views.  We stayed in touch throughout our adult lives.  I have never known a nicer boy or man.  

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