In Memory

Paul White

Paul White

Paul Stacey White.  Paul died November 22, 1997. He was empolyed as a supervisor of technical support by Franklin Templeton Group in St. Petersburg, Florida. He was a member of the Elks and American Legion Post 252 in Seminole, Florida. He married Kathy Dam and has two sons, Paul Jr. and Christopher.

Information in 2005 Reunion Booklet obtained from the Battle Creek Enquirer

I met Paul on the first day of seventh grade at Northwestern Junior High. He bugged me incessantly from that day on. I know now that this was his way of showing friendship. We became good buddies and I know he'd come to my aid whenever I asked - and sometimes when I didn't. Today, I realize what a loyal friend he was. ---

Information in 2005 Reunion Booklet provided by Sally Gerhman Guehl