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Linda Beers
Residing In: East Jordan, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Jerry Aydlott
Occupation: self employed artist
Children: one child born - Aaron Oct. 12, 1977
Yes! Attending Reunion

I am a barefooted wild child. Only changes since school is I've gotten wilder, fatter, grayer. Age Happens!

School Story:

Went on to Kellogg Community College then Michigan State and then The Detroit College of Arts and Crafts.
I hit the art fair circuit and started to earn a living.
Met my hubby at an art fair in West Allis, Wisconsin, a bedroom community for Milwaukee. It was on May 1st, 1971, we got married between art fairs on September 23rd, 1972. That was 42 years ago, and I am still driving him nuts!
We traveled to art fairs as far as Boston, doing two or sometimes three show a month, hurrying back home, make more jewelry and then back on the road. What a fun way to earn a living. We saw some of this country, met great people and spent quality time with fellow artists. It's almost like being a gypsy.
You may note that I am speaking in past tense... Why? Well in 1995 we finally talked my sweet mama into leaving her home on 38 Taylor St, in Urbandale, to come live with us. She being a very stubborn and independent 90 year old, finally gave in, sold her home and became a wonderful part of our family here in East Jordan. We had 4 more great years with her. We gave up the art fairs to be with her.
A new chapter opened up for us.... In July 1995 we went to a Garage Sale and bought the garage for $1.00....moved it to our property, and turned it into our little Brick and Mortar shop ~ 'Sacred Sparks'. A new venue of earning a living, but totally dependent on local traffic and a few travelers. We did have a following and some of those came to our new little shop, ~ which is not brick and mortar, but wood and glass... just sayin'.
Twenty+ years have passed and things are winding down a bit. We still create jewelry but our buying public has dwindled, gotten old, or died. Age has a way of doing that.
This coming May 9th, we are holding the 12th annual May Day Celebration to welcome Spring, and kick up the dust a bit. Five bands will be here, exhibitors, psychic readers and great local food from Happy's Taco Truck. What does it cost? All we ask is that you bring donations for The Women's Resource Center Safe House. Things like non perishable food, diapers, paper products, shampoo, tooth paste, no clothing though, they have a resale shop for that. And of course monetary donations to help buy perishable foods. There is my little advertisement snuck in here nice and neat. Hope you could come, it truly is a great time. Oh yes, did I mention that I am a practicing Witch... have been all my life, just didn't know it till 1975. Wowzers... it's all out there now. Nothing to hide. I am me and I love my life, poverty and all. If that word "witch' made you cringe... we need to talk. Have a splendedly beautiful day.... Linda

Junior High School attended (NW, SE, SW, WK or other)


What you shared with us in 2005:

For 20 years Linda Beers and Jerry Aydlott were known as Jordan Valley Studios. They traveled the country selling their art at juried shows. In July 1993 they went to a garage sale and bought the garage! A year later they opened as Sacred Sparks. They seldom sit still for long, hopelessly entrenched in what they do and loving every minute. Sacred Sparks is a dream that happened to come true. Have you heard the phrase "Be careful what you ask for, you just might get it?" Visit our website at to enjoy more.

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Dec 03, 2019 at 4:36 AM
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Jan 22, 2019 at 12:33 PM

I didn't know Kathy personally, but I do remember passing her in the halls at BCHS.  She always had a nice smile.  I offer my condolences to her family.  She will be remembered fondly. 

Dec 03, 2018 at 4:33 AM
Dec 03, 2017 at 4:34 AM
Linda Beers Aydlott has left an In Memory comment for James Fahndrich.
Jul 12, 2017 at 8:33 AM

I too do not recall Jim, but I am sure we passed each other in the halls of BCHS on our way to classes.  I wish his family to know that I send them love in this difficult time.  Losing someone who is closely a part of your life is deeply painful.  May you find peace and solace in your loving memories.  Blessings to you.

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Jul 04, 2017 at 12:33 PM

I was surprised to find this memorium for Janet.  I basically grew up with her in Urbandale.  I lived around the corner from her on Taylor Street, and her back yard butted up with mine.  We often talked over the fence untill supper time.

One thing about Janet is she grew up fast and had little time to play in those days.  She was responsible for her brothers and was basically a mom to them.  Her parents were working full time leaving Janet in charge of the household duties of cleaning, fixing dinner and minding her brothers. 

We would walk to Urbandale Elementary together and in those walks we would discuss many things that were currently happening..  She was much older than her age, probably because of her responsibilities at home.  She taught me a lot in those walks and I have always admired her for that.

There were a couple of summer vacations that we spent together having a great creative time producing neighborhood shows.  We planned our production, made props, acquired the background music, and advertised our events.  How did we do that?  We decorated up our bikes with bright crepe paper and rode around to the houses and sold tickets that we made ourselves on a toy printing press.  There were a couple other kids involved and we all had a lot of fun.  The money we made from ticket sales went into a cast party afterwards.  What a great way to spend summer vacation... and Janet was part of that.

. As we grew up and made it to high school, our relationship grew more distant.  I was pretty much 24-7 art and seldom saw her in the neighborhood, or in school.  She had to leave in the 12th grade to start a family of her own, she was not ill. She was radiantly pregnant and full of life.  Her loving spirit made a great mom.  The atmosphere in those days frowned on pregnancy out of wedlock, making it shameful.  Janet felt that shame rendered by others, at a time when she needed to be loved more than ever.  She obviously made it through that time and blossomed into a stellar example of humanity.. It is my hope, that those who knew Janet, and the incredble example of love and integrity that she displayed throughout her life will realize what is important to take with us to the other side.

I am blessed to have known her and be a part of her early life here on Earth.


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1965 was a long time ago... we had a huge graduating class... I spent most of my spare time in the art room with Mr. Max Misner... love that man. I can still remember that day we graduated, can you? Good times, scary times, we were seeds being planted into a much larger picture, none of us had any idea where that path would lead. I do hope you are counting your blessings. Blessed Be