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•   Linda (Louise) Stoiber (Fulcher)  11/30
•   Sue Lambeth (Kellay)  11/30
•   Martha Hoffman  10/14
•   Amy Haughey (Dougherty)  9/11
•   Linda Merrill (Jansen)  8/11
•   Sondra Moffitt (Buckner)  7/30
•   Terry Bond  7/4
•   Judy Grace (Hewkin)  4/26
•   Gerald Winton  4/17
•   Suzanne Haughey (McGee)  4/13
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•   Donna Carter (Walters)  12/11
•   Larry Allen  12/14
•   Carole Terry (Morgan)  12/15
•   Barbara Wisner (Rickman)  12/15
•   Jane Hinson (Kelly)  12/19
•   Susan Myers (Brooks)  12/19
•   Edward Hyslop  12/20
•   Stephen Hyslop  12/20
•   Darlene McClure (Campbell)  12/21
•   Linda Rabideau (Dole)  12/23
•   Charles Paige  12/24
•   Mary Lawrence (Buck)  12/26
•   Sue Mitchell (Davis)  12/27
•   Jacquelyn Blackmar (Stults)  12/28
•   John Fox  12/28
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 52.4%

A:   287   Joined
B:   261   Not Joined


Battle Creek Central High School
Class of 1965

Come Explore with Us... 

Here's an overview of how to use the BCCHS Class of 65 website.

Home Page is the webpage you are reading now. From any other page on this website, you can immediately jump to the Home Page by clicking on the BCCHS logo in the upper right corner.

Announcements appear after this overview. They will come and go and will usually contain information of a timely nature. You may browse expired announcements using the "What's New" feature.

What's New allows you to browse all the changes made to any aspect of the website including profile changes, announcements, new pictures or videos, new messages in the message center, etc.

Contact Us is useful to tell the website administrators about problems, questions you have, changes you would like to see made, password resets, etc.

Paean 1965 & 1964 displays the entire two yearbooks online. You can bookmark pages, zoom in on important pictures, print pages, etc.

First Time Visitors is what you'll want to read if you are new to the website and want to join. If you are a classmate of the 1965 Battle Creek Central class, please be sure to join.

Class Connection is the BEST way for Facebook users to link their Facebook account directly to the BCCHS65 website. Check it out.

Do you want more items explained right here? Be sure to use the Contact Us feature.

Who are your classmates? 
In the summer 2017, we added approximately 100 names as classmates on this website. None were graduates of BCCHS in 1965 who we forgot to include. They were BCCHS students who you may have had in class and might have been your good friends many years ago but who, for some reason, didn’t graduate with us. Rather than exclude them from some possible connections with their old friends, we added them as classmates for you to connect with. If there’s a classmate who was in the same grade as you, whether it was elementary, junior high or high school, who you would like added to our website, let us know via the Contact Us feature.


Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see all announcements!


BCCHS schedule for future lunches

Our Class of '65 lunches are on the third Wednesday of most months. The next get-together will be 11:30 a.m. September 19 at Clara’s on the River. Clara’s has good food and a convenient location with lots of parking. Clara’s will set aside a space for us in the restaurant where we can eat and visit for a few hours.

For several months, we've had monthly get-togethers for classmates in Battle Creek. Many classmates have enjoyed the company of each other and great food. If you live close to BC or will be visiting on the dates of the lunches, please join us! It's fun to spend some time with each other for lunch and catch up with what is going on.

Here is the total current schedule for lunches at Clara's. Each one will be at 11:30 a.m.:

2018 -- September 19,  October 17,  December 19. 
2019 -- January 16